May 23, 2014

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First and foremost, I pray this response finds you in the best of health, both mentally and physically. Thanks for your support. The words of encouragement meant a lot. Especially coming from a good dude like you. You're right, we haven't met, but I've heard so much about you from Crystal and the rest of the fam'.

Yeah, as for the blog, I do try going deep without it coming off too depressing. I put up words that I hope will get people talking and thinking about whatever it id that I'm writing about that day. I mean, I have no problems with writing funny stuff to pass along a laugh every now and then, but I think it's even more meaningful to write something that will drench tears from someone's eyes who hasn't cried in a while. They say that smiling and laughing is the way we cover up our pain, and I want people to express the current of raw emotions that swarms around inside of us all on a daily basis. Maybe then we all can live honest and healthy lives. Not to mention, have more meaningful relationships with each other.

Man, you and me both, bro. I'm waiting on the book as well, but it seems that now just isn't the time according to the laws of the universe. No matter what I've done as of late, I just can't seem to catch a break. My first novel has been done and ready for print since last December. But due to my current living circumstances, I don't have access to print my work on disks to be able to send them to the publishing company. So I have been looking for someone to type and save my work onto a diskette. Once that is out of the way, it's off to the publisher. The last person I contacted was trying to chanrge me an arm and a leg, so I decided to be patient, though it seems my patience is running thin lately.

So to keep from stressing over the things I have no control over. I've started writing my third book which is two-thirds of the way finished. Once I get my foot into the door, I plan to hit the world of fiction like a hurricane.

I bet you're dying to know what my novels are about, right? Well, my first one is called ONE ROOT ONE EVIL. It's tow different plots on at once, but it's shattering the normal stereotypical norms of "Hood Novels" Sure, there's drugs, hustling, and death involved, but what makes my novels different is that I'm giving these same drug dealers and so-called killers, emotions and motives for the things that they do that it will tug on my readers heart-strings. I hope that their stories will pull at the very core of your existence. Both Maniac and Hodge have different meanings of what success is. And during their journeys of going after that 'SUCCESS', they are forced to make choices that will either work for them in the moment, or have dire consequences for them in the future. Either way, their lives will never be the same. HMmmm...:)

The story also contains an entertwined love story and settles arguments about race and riches. There's another part about a rich latino family who has it all; wealth, fame, mansions, and family, and family, and yet their problems are no better than Maniac and Hodge's as they strive, often making moral compromising deals with the devil, to achieve the success as the Ortiz family. What they don't understand is that behind the fa├žade of Godly love, and love-concurs-all, dirty dark secrets so gut-wrenching that it'll put that catholic church scandal to shame. (Shout out to Pope Francis:)

With the help of God and my close believing associates and family, I hope to be able to share this work of fiction with the world soon. Until next time, you're on "A DAY IN THE LIFE", with me,

Michael McKure

PS Tell the fam' I said what up and that I send my love. Peace out, bro

Hope everything is well on your end. Lolle!


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