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Sun. Sept. 2nd 2012

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Sun Sept 2nd 2012

The only time I cared about - is the date.

Today my favorite part of prison was the chocolate glaze cinnamon rolls for brunch. Close us "$-car 50" as I'm ever gonna get. I'm just a regular "incarcerated American" [circled capital r]:) LOL :) NE ho the roll were so good and fluff like dreams of he streets, housed in Hotsuion Bakery.

Today my least favorite part of prison; the joy & pain of baked chicken on the bone. "Men" cry [drawing of an eye with tears] a lot, whine a lot; complain bout "that's my seat" a lot! Frustration. Last week there was almost riot over a missing packet of butter.

People love 2 break rules but h8 when others do. Interesting.

Prison sucks. Please don't shoot/kill people. :( Prison sucks. Grown men cry about 21 cent novelties & 49 cent stamps. (That's $$$) I fight/gossip about ANYTHNG. One time there was a fist fight over Chris Brown & Rhianna! Yikes.

Prison is prison. And I no longer truly express myself. I have a daughter. It will be used against me, but I rebuke the men you [illegible]. Haven't you heard & maybe I'm only saying this to get a book deal.

Maybe writin/blogn is my emotional management?

Sometimes I want 2 kidnap myself & hold me 4 ransom; ie an earlier release date.

I cry a lot,
bout being here.
Yes, I'm snotty,
but healing
bring torture.
I can "walk" but confined 2 a wheelchair.
Think about it. Uncomfortable like an adult in kindergarten desks. Billy Madison or a healthy 20 year old pro athlete in diapers forced to go #1 & #2 on himself [drawing of a frowning face with tongue sticking out]

My head hurts. I need 2 relax, 4 something bad happens 2 me. That was honest. I lay down/sleep 4 less than 4-5 hrs/day.

Sometimes I don't look like
Jesus [drawing of a frown]
Sometimes, huh?
Is the only
And if rehabilitation is eal
why sentence
Oh yeah it's not up 4
& how do "acts of God"
factor into politics?
The economy 2 fix?
Shouldn't that be a footnote
2 the next poll?
Say ya prayers, go to church
not the automatic
but - I - fly



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