May 13, 2015

Greetings Again...

by Corkey Ogle (author's profile)


March 29, 2015

Greetings again and camaraderie salutations to all fellow compatriots!

Here is another political blog. Like the previous blogs, I am requesting communication from like-minded politicos who share my interests, along with other support such as legal assistance, contributions, donations, and so forth. And as my previous messages have indicated, I am innocent of the crimes they have me on. I am a political prisoner and certainly a member of the oppressed class.

Unique to this community, though I am including additional information relation to the political nature of my cage and status as a political prisoner, by informing the public that views my blog. My incarceration happens to be connected to the incident that occurred in Waco, TX in 1993. I am also asking those who support the basic rights of all these victims who perished at the compound (or who survived but were ongoing victims of that governmental oppression). Ought to support my cause too. It is one and the same struggle! Because it is related to me and my case, related inadvertently but related all the same. A selection of people realize that fact. I can explain such relation to Waco to those who inquire.

Please notice and refer to the additional attached documents indicating communication with governmental agencies relating to Waco Investigations.

These include documents/communications offered to show my legitimate claim that me and my case are inadvertently related to the Waco Incident. Those who doubt my claim concerning this relationship with Waco or doubt my status as a political prisoner perhaps ought not to bother making contact here at this blog. Address or contact me personally. I am not discouraging anyone who simply wishes to make contact for lesser reasons. I don't mind. But others who take my blog serious and are for real about communicating are more than welcome!

Comrades who were there and those who know of such affiliation are especially encouraged to mak contact. Crunche'

Corkey Ogle B-35475


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