April 1, 2016

Dear Friends of Between the Bars [Blogs]

by Corkey Ogle (author's profile)


March 15, 2016

Dear friends of Between the Bars:

Hello again! Very sorry, but the long delay since my last blog post was due to no fault of my own. Reason for the delay: I was locked away in one of California's Bastille dungeons. For a number of months, I was left without a viable means of communication. Such is the life of a political prisoner.

Well, I am back out on a yard again. Albeit, not the same yard I was previously at, but just the same, I'm back out on a prison yard. And I am able to exchange communications with the outside world again.

I figured I ought to post a new new to let others know my website is still active, although it has not produced the results by reaping the return responses I intended. Come on! Give me a try, you'll never know unless you knock on the door.

Please allow me to take this brief opportunity to state my grievance and fond farewell to a fallen comrade who passed away while I was recently locked up. His name was "Yogi" (Hugo Panell). Others will remember his repute from the infamous San Quentin 6 case. I, myself, was not involved in the San Quentin 6, although I consider myself a related comrade through past relationships. This comrade was murdered on one of Folsom's prison yards while I was next door in the Hole. He will be missed by the movement that will never die out!

There are those who may consider this particular blog to be a procedural report, updating potential readers on current events, and they would be correct. This is not one of my normal blog posts. It is still "political" in nature and certain relative to my case, and past posts to raise political issues.

One primary political issue I want to report now is a new parole board hearing soon to be scheduled for me due to a federal court order that mandates that they hold such a hearing for me under what that court termed "parole process for inmates 60 years of age or older, having served at least 25 years." See U.S. District of CA U.S. District Ct, composed of three judges pursuant to Sec 2284, Title 2-8 U.S. code -Coleman vs Brown, 2:90-CV-00520 KJM Dad PC, 3 Judge Court, & Plata vs. Brown, COI-1351 TEH, 3 Judge Court.

All such court cases and court orders are made available to the public, as well as my case information. Parole board transcripts are made available to the public too.

This federal court order happens to be a case that is especially political and of public interest out here on the west coast. In lieu of this court order under my parole board hearing, along with my case and case factors, will be available for public inspection. So I invite all those who might be curious to learn about my case, my parole board hearing, and/or the politics involved to tap into the upcoming events.

I am not shy about admitting the political nature of my case to the public, in court, or at a parole board hearing. And this upcoming hearing is no different as far as I am concerned, and I intend to speak about those political issues until the board or my lawyer tells me to be silent. I will reiterate my innocence of the crimes too.

As before, I am requesting any type of help so I can obtain my freedom at this new hearing. Legal help in any way would help too, since I would be in a much better position to actually get a parole at this hearing if I were able to hire my own parole hearing specialist. Lawyers cost money as you all know. But even letters of encouragement and support are welcome too.

As quite a lot of the public is becoming increasingly aware, as they view the seasonal electoral process, there is a form of political power play going on behind the public circles. I do not intend to draw a conspicuous, pretentious comparison of current political events going on in public and political events related to me and my case. I came from the street level, and most of my political background comes from an "underground" frame of references.

Just the same, politics is politics. I sometimes see the parallels from my radical point of view to the other end of the political spectrum we see with mainstream politicians.

Prop out, June in, and turn on! [to my blogsite]

I would love to hear from you folks.

Yours in the cause,

Contact me at:
Corkey Ogle 335475
4-A-2 bld, C-sec, cell 201
California Correctional Institution State Prison
P.O. Box 1902
Tehachapi, CA 93581

My blog: http://betweenthebars.org/blogs/1546/


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