Nov. 17, 2015
by Amondo Duckworth (author's profile)


Dear Readers,
I have sent another five poems from my series, and I'm hoping that they will touch hearts as that is my purpose. To all of you who are browsing, please leave a message. Even if it's to say hey! Step up your craft.

I guess I'll close this off now and share more of the poems inside my heart.

Amondo Duckworth

Be on the lookout for the letters series; I promise it will be well worth it.

This poem has no title, but I wrote it after a dream I had about the woman in my life cheating on me with her ex, which actually happened about five months later.

Kiss me, hold me, don't let me go,
Touch me, tease me, in my dreams, that's how
it goes, but in reality, I'm stuck behind prison
doors, so it's all fantasy, nothing more.
Caress me, love me, I place no one above thee,
in my dreams, that's how it goes, but in reality
you were gone long ago, but my spirit held
on hoping that it wasn't so.
Where did that time go? Did fate decide to be cruel
and let me fall on my face like a drunken fool;
love in spirit and mind can cause a person to be love blind,
but you're forever on my mind.

Poetic Justice was written after I had broken up with a woman I had been writing, talking to, and getting visits from for about two years, and I really wanted her to know that I was just angry and didn't mean what I said.

Problems between you and I will never cause
Our love to die, no matter how hard outsiders will try, see
even though I'm locked behind the walls, gates, doors, and locks
The love in my heart will never stop and my soul will spark at your voice
It may seem like prison talk, but your scent forever
Calls me in the deepest dark of this jungle's fire and pain.

Just as I call out to you when the days turn into night and my eyes shut
Under the screams of those who are less fortunate than I, like Maya Angelou
Still I rise to the highest high present to me through your presence in
The pictures you send to me—there are hidden messages
In my expressions and lessons to be learned from the love inside me that burns
Consistently, I'm hoping that as you read these words my voice will call out and be heard, but
Even if they're not, I hope that with all of my essence, you will continue to be my
Poetic Justice:
An often ironically appropriate outcome in which
wrongdoing is punished and virtue rewarded.

I wrote this when an old flame contacted me when she found out that I was in prison and had been sentenced to 11 years. After writing for about 10 months.

Having you in my life is a gift that has no price, and all I want is
Another chance to prove that I know how to treat you right, in my heart and mind,
Various things let me know that we are meant to be—
I know that I'm hard to get along with at times, but I hope that I've
never made you feel less than the beautiful woman that you are
because my greatest hope is to make you feel and see
yourself as the Princess.

You are, and the Queen you will be, not
only that, but to let you know that I have feelings much deeper
than love, feelings I don't understand yet,
but still know to be the most intense feelings that

I've ever had in my life—
No one has caused me to put you on the pedestal that I have, but

My love, you deserve no less,
you deserve more to be completely honest—It's because of
Love, the love that we have is unbearable,
It is unknown by anyone because God created it especially
For us and no one will
Ever be able to understand what our love is—
Because it can't be described by
Simple words, or materialistic things—
But with all of my being I'm going to do
My best to open the flood gates of my emotions
Something I've never done with anyone else
Something that I'm doing with you and only you
Because you're everything to me
Everything that I really want
In my life, the one who
Fulfills me, the one who
Understands me, and
Loves me for who I am.

I wrote this after I told my sister that I would love to meet a woman who loved me for me, and not what she thought I could or would do for her.

Champagne dreams for a while, and I smile, caviar wishes for a while,
But how could I keep smiling when after a while,
I realize I don't have a missus to share the dreams and wishes,
Now I'm not rich, actually I'm more so broke than not,
But I have plans and ambition which to me is a lot
And gives me plenty to work with,
But I'd rather be broke and not have shit,
Instead of having everything, but no one to share it with
So I'm giving my heart to you through these words in hopes
Of expressing how much I want and I need you in my life,
We can have the best of things if you just have patience,
And leave everything to me, and I'm not saying you
Won't be a part of what is built.
I just want to give us something to start with.
So I can offer you all that you deserve and more
Because my love you deserve so much more,
And I don't know if I'll ever be able to provide
All that I feel you should have
But I swear with
Every fiber of my being that I will
Start now and keep trying until I make you happy
Or breathe my last breath trying


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