Oct. 18, 2014

New Nation Constitution

by Amondo Duckworth (author's profile)


New Nation Constitution

1) Beginning... Article 1
The New Nation religion has been revealed through the
prophets bloodline so that we may be together in our shared
endeavors, welcome our future in good order, and make an
adequate and self helping religion - We the people of the New
Nation do establish our religion through the grace of the Divine.
Herein do we provide for those of the New Nation, and ordain
this religion and its constitution whose supreme law is
handed down by the Divine through the prophet and his

Rights and Responsibilities
A. Rights
Section 1... Freedom of proper expression, communication, movement and gathering

Section 2... There shall be no discrimination because of race, origin, color, or sex

Section 3... All members of the New Nation shall have equal protection

Section 4... Education shall be provided at the New Nation expense for those that
meet appropriate test of eligibility.

Section 5... We will not impose our religion on others and we will not have
support from non-members, unless they have the good of all
people in mind and heart.

2) B Responsibilities

Section 1... Respect the procedures of justice by obeying the law.

Section 2... There shall be a responsibility to avoid violence and to keep the
peace, unless attacked with force.

Section 3... Each member of the New Nation shall assist in preserving
the legacy and enlarging the inheritance for future generations.

Section 4... Those granted the use of New Nation lands or waters shall
bear the responsibility for using these resources so if,
irreplaceable, they are conserved and, if replaceable, they are
put back as they were.

Section 5... All of these rights and responsibilities defined extend to members
and family of members.


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