May 7, 2015

The Prophet's Life

by Amondo Duckworth (author's profile)


The Prophet's life.

Romain was born in an age where people were hunters, fishers, and gatherers, but not producers of food. Romain was not an average child, he was slight in build, stood about four feet one inch (4ft 1 in), and had short-cropped hair, bronze skin, and light brown eyes. His parents Enki and Zababa knew that he was special because the Divine had revealed his future to them through visions and dreams. Romain's parents knew that what the Divine was revealed to them would not be understood amongst their people, because of their way of living, so they did not reveal what was shown to them about their son. As Romain grew into a young man he began to notice that he was different from the others in his land, the first thing he realized was that animals did not hide from him like they did from others, and his people were never hungry because of his gift. The second thing that he realized is that some of his people listened to him whenever he signaled for them to gather around because he could draw his signals more elegantly than any of the children his age. The third thing that he realized is that he never had bad dreams, his dreams were always of beautiful creatures, and the creatures would tell him things that he needed to do, or places he needed to be; at first, he would not heed the dreams, but in those instances, bad things would happen, so he began to follow the creatures directions and by doing so he saved the lives and lands of many people.
After a few instances Romain began telling his parents about his dreams, and actions; they, in turn, told him that he had already been chosen by the Divine to accomplish things that no one else would be able to accomplish in their time. Romain didn't understand but he knew that his parents would never lead him astray. The first thing that was explained to him was the need to turn his people toward the Divine so that they would prosper, but Romain didn't know how he would do it because his people had believed in their gods since before his birth; so he prayed to the Divine, and the Divine sent an Angel to him in a dream, and the angel showed him a cave along the Tigris River and said go to the place where your people leave their gods and bring them to this cave, and their gods will bare witness to their uselessness. Romain went to the altar that the people placed their gods upon and took them to the cave that he was shown in his dream; the next morning everyone woke up and headed to the altar where they worshipped their gods and found Romain sitting on it. The people used their symbols to ask where their gods were and why he was sitting on the altar. Romain responded, "my people, I have been chosen to lend you to the righteous path, so follow me so that your gods may speak the truth to you." The people mumbled and groaned, but they followed Romain to the cave thinking him crazy, upon arriving Romain kneeled and prayed in his mind, "Oh Divine, I have followed your instruction, please lend my people out the truth."
As he stood, the first of the false gods Abu came to life and said "o' ye who have to praise me to you will be the reward of eternal hellfire for I am but clay formed into shape by man, and the true way is to praise the Divine." The people watched as their god crumbled to dust and was then reformed, after that their gods Shamash, Sin, Bunene, and Mithra came to life and said "To you is this reward, the truth, the Divine is the only one worthy of praise, and if you fail to heed then to you will be hell and only hell." After the people had seen their gods speak, crumble, and then be reformed they wrote "to you Romain do we ask this question, who will you praise, our gods or the one you call the Divine?" Romain responded, "I will praise the Divine, and only the Divine because the way of the Divine is the way to heaven, salvation, upliftment, and enlightenment." After he finished an Angel as of the ones in Romain's dreams appeared and said "O' people of disbelief, this day do I say to you, if you do not heed the Divine's chosen prophet then upon your land will be blood, conquerers from a foreign people, and destruction to your way of living." The people could not understand why they knew only the spoken words of this creature, but they bowed down, although most did so with a false heart, and the angel knowing this said, "to you with false heart, hellfire, and demon companions will be your fate, but to you with sincere hearts, heaven, pure companions as none ever seen, and every righteous desire will be your fate."
When the angel finished speaking the last ones picked up their gods and headed back to their place of worship; when they arrived they said that the creature was only a man from a foreign land that had done some type of magic that causes them to understand him. Those with sincere hearts stayed behind and asked Romain how they could drove their sincerity to the Divine, to which Romain responded "the Divine knows all that is in your heart, and all that will be or has been in your heart, for he is the knower of all." The people then asked, "what is this god we now follow?" Romain responded, "The Divine is not a man or anything that the human mind can comprehend." The people said, "then we will follow you in all of your ways and let the Divine be our path to the truth, upliftment, enlightenment, and salvation." That night prophet Romain and converts slept in the house of the prophet's parents, and as they sleep the angel of mercy and grace Ja'hud appeared and woke one of them by saying "this night I will show you the grace and mercy of the Divine." Before the man could determine whether he was dreaming or not he was in place of sweltering heat, he said "O' creature of the Divine where are we?" Ja'hud said, "we are in the place of the unrightly guided, today I will show you the fate of all who do not truly believe as we do, and all who praise anyone or thing besides the Divine."
The man asked, "Why is not the child who chose us not with us?" Ja'hud responded, "The prophet did not choose you, he is only the vessel that the Divine has chosen to lead the people." The man then said, "we know that the child is special and knows what we do not, so we will worship him as we did our old gods." Ja'hud then said, "Do not worship any but the Divine, the prophet is the chosen leader of his people and is the prophet of the new nation, but he is only human and only does as guided by the Divine." The man then said "O' creature of the Divine can we leave this place for it is hotter than any land I have crossed." Ja'hud said, "No, for I must show you all that the non-believers and misguided will face in the here-after." When Ja'hud finished speaking he grabbed the man's hand and said "No matter what you see or hear do not let go of my hand, for if you do this will be your dwelling place." The man held on tight as Ja'hud guided him past people being tortured by human-like creatures. "O' creature of the Divine, what are those human-like creatures?" "They are the ones who lost their place in heaven due to disobedience, greed, and other unrighteous acts." After a period of time, they arrived in a place where there were beautiful creatures of every gender, and things never before seen. The man said, "O' creature of the Divine if this is the place of the fallen, why are these beautiful creatures here?" Ja'hud said, "O' man, these are the temptations that await man now and will await them in the future, but the prophet and his bloodline will save those of pure heart, and spirit." The man said, "O' creature of the Divine I am ready to leave this place." Ja'hud said, "We must visit one more place, and then we will leave." The man nodded and as they journeyed the man's heart began to waiver and Ja'hud said: "O' man of flesh, let not your soul be lost to the place of the fallen for it is forever." As the man prepared to respond he began to smell something putrid, and as they walked the smell became stronger, and the man became sick. "O' creature, what is this place where all things vile, unrighteous, and against the Divine rest." As they spoke a mist appeared in front of the man and said "O' man, you have left the gods of your people to follow one that is unknown to you, but if you will leave Him and follow me I will give you all that you have ever lost." The man said, "I have lost my wife, child, and parents." The mist said, "I will give them back to you, if you believe and follow my words." The man cried "O' creature show me, my family, if you are true to your words I will follow you." Ja'hud said, "O' man today and forever you have chosen Tamut the evil one over all that is righteous." After Ja'hud spoke he released the man's hand. Ja'hud then left the man and went to the prophet and said "This day has one of the people who prefaced to follow the Divine been lost to Tamut the evil one, awake, so that you may show the people that you have are truly the prophet of the New Nation and the fate of those who do not truly believe."
The prophet awoke, then woke those who had professed their belief in the Divine and said "O' people, I have awakened you so that I may show you that I am truly the prophet of the New Nation, and to show you the fate of one who does not truly believe." One of the people sat up and said "We believe that you are the prophet, and we believe in the Divine, and if you must show us what will happen to those who do not believe, we are with you." With that, the prophet prayed for the Divine to do as Ja'hud had said He would. When he finished praying a stench came up from the ground and the people saw a shadowy mist appear and it spoke to them. "O' my people, do not be like me, for I chose my desires over the Divine, and am now a slave to Tamut, the evil one." The people recognized the man as one who had professed his belief in the Divine with them. The prophet then said, "O' non-believer show us the fate of those who chose Tamut, the evil one." The shadowy mist appeared to turn into a clear void, and the people saw creatures of ugliness never before seen on earth, as they snarled, yelled, and clawed to be set free. "What are these things that we are seeing O' prophet?" "These are the dark angels that come for the souls of the lost, and those that tempt the weak." "O' prophet, this day do we ask to never be of those creatures." "Be you of those that follow the Divine, and stay righteously guided, then you will not have to worry about being a slave to the evil one."

As the prophet grew older the Divine sent various angels to teach the prophet how to be an example for his people; the angels began by taking him to the top of the eastern mountains and showing him how to make and use tools of stone and wood, as well as how to make and control fire. The prophet took those teachings to his people, and as he did the Divine decided that it would be easier if the people had a language that they could speak instead of using signs and symbols. As the angels of the Divine reviewed the language to the prophet, the prophet taught it to his people and they increased in knowledge; instead of living in silence they began to speak, and the Divine knew that it was good. The Divine then revealed to the prophet the knowledge of building reliable shelter to his people, and the prophet began to build buildings to hold food, people, and other things. This brought others into the land of the prophet, and these people trusted in magic, incantations, and rituals that the Divine revealed were falsehood and an affront to him. The prophet was now a young man and knew much, about leading his people, and refused to let others bring forth their destruction. The prophet taught unity, but told his people to always forbid the wrong and join the right; as he taught the message of the new nation the Divine revealed to him that many generations in the future there would come divisions in the one true religion of the divine, they would call themselves sects of denominations, but during that time his bloodline would carry the truth and share it with the world when they were facing the wrath of the Divine, and the path of destruction was near. The people then asked "O' prophet, tell us what divisions will come in the future." The prophet responded, "Instead of following the teachings of unity, peace, enlightenment, upliftment, and salvation, many will teach that their religion is best, that no one will enter heaven unless they are bonded to other than the Divine, they will bring forth denominations, and perform rituals not given to them by the Divine." The people said, "O' prophet, teach us so that we may teach our bloodlines the truth of such matters." The prophet said, "I will teach you, and you may teach your bloodlines, but no one can share the teachings unless guided by the Divine." The people said "O' prophet, we are ready." The prophet said "my people, I have brought you from the worship of many gods to the one true Divine, but as you once worshipped the sun, moon, and many others, so will future generations, they will use signs and symbols without realizing their true meanings, they will say that a man was placed to death and rose again in three days, not knowing that this story was product of the myth of ancient Egyptians belief in a sun god, and the mythical bird called the phoenix.
The phoenix was said to live five hundred years or more, in the heat of the sun fanned by the wings of this bird, the nest would burst into flames, the phoenix would be reduced to ashes, but from these ashes, it would rise again ready to live, die, and be reborn." The people said, "O' prophet teach us more." The prophet said, "There will come a man of my bloodline named Akhenaten, who will try to show his people the true way of one Divine, peace, and unity, but his people will not follow."

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Qduckwo Posted 8 years, 7 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Hey big bro this your baby brother Q.
I hope you taking care of yourself and staying out of trouble... We need you to come home and be the big brother you were always suppose to be. Although we can never get back the time lost, it's never to late to be a positive impact. We all still love you and and look forward to seeing you again! I miss you guy! So much has happened and so much has changed. I find myself thinking about you all the time just wondering how much life would be different if you were out. But everything happens for a reason you know? I love you though and can't wait til you get released. I'm 24 now so we can definitely go out and kick it lol But stay encouraged and know your not alone, and your not a failure. Your human and entitled to a second chance... I look forward to seeing you again!

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