Sept. 27, 2014

Welcome To The Teachings Or The New Nation

by Amondo Duckworth (author's profile)


Welcome To The Teachings of The New Nation

The prophet Romain once said to his followers; "The most important obstacle to understanding the teachings is doubt, people rarely believe what is divine, neither do they accept what is communicated clearly, because reasoning and truth have a fragile hold on those who wish to live in falsehood and the unknown. Virtue does not appeal to them for they are the seed of those who are forever lost to darkness and never will they find the path of enlightenment unless the true Divine grants them guidance.

In the divinely revealed teachings, the heavenly Divine told the prophet "When man tires of darkness, and of light they will seek the truth or become sickened in mind and heart, because Tamut the evil one prays on weakness and inhabits the lost with his diabolic force, leading them to all things unrighteous."

The Divine revealed to our revered prophet in 1512 that the teachings would be condemned, inspire many false prophets that would modify, distort, and misrepresent their true purposes. In turn, the prophet asked, "How will the people come into the truth of the purpose?" The Divine then sent a sleep over the prophet and woke him days later and asked "Romain, tell me what you saw." To which the prophet responded, "I saw a child in a lone field with fire surrounding him, but the child was without fear or worry." The Divine spoke again and said, "Be as that child for I am the fire, and those who seek and know the truth have no reason to fear o worry for I am forever their protector and guidance to the path of enlightenment." The prophet bowed and said, "to you be praise for you are the seer and knower of all things."

The revered prophet was blessed with the grace and mercy of the Divine to know and understand that his message was different from those who had gone before him, for during a session of revealing and building upon the teachings the prophet spoke these words, as if in a trance of some sort "many have come with the message of acceptance and tolerance of each other while disavowing the evil one, I bring to you the message of disavowing oneself and the evil within, while at the same time knowing that the evil one exists only to bring forth falsehood, deception, and trouble to those who seek righteousness and enlightenment." After speaking these words the prophet slumped forward as if prostrating on his face and one of the followers ran to the prophet and lifted him up so that he was sitting straight, and said to him "O, prophet those who are here know that you have spoken only the words of the Divine." The prophet took a deep breath and the room began to smell of an unearthly but pleasant smell that caused all of the followers to praise the Divine. The prophet then spoke these words "What you smell is the path of heaven, so how much greater will be the sight of it for those who are righteously guides."

The revered prophet once said to his followers "Hor praiseworthy is it for a follower of the Divine to keep faith wholeheartedly, live with completeness, and now with smarts? Time shows that those without faith and little regard for enlightenment have done great things, and have fooled those of the unrightly guided and at times have overcome those loyal to ignorance, but never has time shown that true followers of the Divine have been led astray unless they did not truly seek Him in all of their ways. It is with ease that people find strength, but it is with purification of the mind and heart that people learn how to uplift others as well as themselves."

A follower of the prophet asked him, "Dear prophet what do I say when asked about my faith?" The prophet responded, "Say only this, I bind myself with the Divine, unshaken loyalty and submission to Him with belief in his prophet and the prophet's bloodline." The follower then asked, "Dear prophet what if I am asked the name of my religion?" The prophet responded, "Say only this, if you are curious, seek the Divine in all of your ways, and He will teach you what is true and then you will have earned the right to know." The follower then left the prophet, and when he did the prophet went into prayer and said "O, Divine, you have brought me to the path of enlightenment and I ask that I lead others onto the same path." That night as the prophet slept the divine spoke to him and said "In time will the name fo the religion you follow be told to those who seek it, for it will uplift, change, enlighten, and strengthen those who are in need of it, continue to lead my people in all fo your ways and your bloodline will flourish and bring forth greatness and good regard to those of the new nation." When the prophet awoke the next morning the follower who had asked him the question was asleep in front of his door. The prophet woke him and asked, "Why do you sleep on my pathway beloved of the Divine?" The follower replied, "Revered prophet, a man and his wife preach that there is no heaven, no hell, only a spirit place completely different from this life and that if you are a member of their religion your spirit can live on through another member." The prophet smiled as he looked at the follower, then said "Lead me to them so that the truth of this can be revealed." As the follower of the prophet led him the prophet prayed for the Divine to show the people that were followers of the other religion the truth. When they arrived the man and his wife pointed to the prophet and said "Your falsehood will lead to the destruction of the people." The prophet said, "Prove that my religion is false and I will be of you, but if I prove that your religion is false you will agree to wander throughout the land for the rest of your days, with your followers."
The man and his wife asked, "How do either of us prove we are right?" The Prophet replied, "I will call on the Divine and ask him to show the fate of a follower of your religion that thas recently passed, and you will do the same." The man and his wife then walked to one of their followers and said "Siron are you with us?" The follower's eyes rolled into the back of her head and she began speaking with the voice of a man "I am here with you still and always for our religion is true, and may all others perish." The woman then shook her head as if coming out of a trance and asked "Did he arrive?" To which all of their followers said "Yes." The prophet shook his head in disapproval and said "Now allow me to show you his true fate." The prophet called on the Divine and said "O' Divine I call upon you to prove your way to be the only truth, show the misguided the fate of their companion." When the prophet finished, the ground opened in front of those who followed the man and his wife, and a form of a man appeared as if a ghost and screamed "You false prophet! Share your taste of hell with me," and moved from the void toward the man and his wife, but the prophet held up his hand and said, "Be at peace for your forgiveness is now granted." The form of the man lifted up toward the sky and the clouds opened to receive him, as this happened the woman who had spoken with the voice of a man was grabbed my dark forms "Be with those that spoke through you." the prophet said as the woman was taken into the void and the ground closed upon her. The prophet then said, "Be you and your followers wander until your death." The followers then said, "O, prophet, we know now that your religion is true, we only followed them because we were searching for truth, fault us not." The prophet then called out "O, Divine, be thou merciful upon those who seek truth if you will, and your vengeance is upon those who are false-hearted if you will."

The clouds opened up and creatures of beauty never before seen on earth descended and lifted p those with sincere heart without death touching them and the ground opened up and creatures of ugliness never before seen on earth ascended and took those of false heart down into the darkness, and before the ground closed Tamut, the evil one said: "O, prophet does thou seek punishment on their body or soul?" The prophet said, "Be gone evil one with your tricks, for we both know only the Divine can determine who will be punished, for all in the heavens, earth, help, and unknown must come to Him for judgment." Tamut then said, "Will you never be of those who seek power?" The prophet then said, "Tamut, my power is thought the Divine now be gone for I am not of the misguided." The man who had come with the prophet fell down and said "O prophet, the Divine has revealed to me the truth of this religion and the fate of those who do not follow it."

A woman came to the prophet one day and said "My village is downtrodden and the men are drunkards, what can I do to change our fate?" The prophet said, "Pray to the divine and HE will show you the way." The woman left and at a later time came to the prophet again and said "O prophet, thank you, for the Divine guided me to the solution and now our village is prosperous, and the men are enow of those who are clear-minded and seeking righteousness." The prophet asked the woman "What is it that the Divine has shown you that led to this change?" The woman said, "O, prophet after talking to you I went to my home, prayed, and went to sleep, during this sleep I was shown a group of women walking away from their homes with nothing more than their children, and when I awoke I went to the women and said we must leave all that we have except our children, the women all said that they had seen a vision of what I speak, so we took our children and prayed for protection in the wilderness and walked into the forest and for three months we journeyed and were fed by the birds and other creatures of the Divine, and at the end of the three months we were given the vision to go back to the village and tell the men that, no longer would we accept them as drunkards, and if they continued on their path then we would call upon the Divine to bring forth His righteousness and wrath upon them and His everlasting mercy upon us so that we could prosper without them." The prophet responded, "And what said the men?" The woman said, "O, prophet, the Divine be praised, the men said while we were on our journey a group of men like none seen in our land or during our travels through the land came to us and said we bring forth the righteous teachings of the Divine, O, man a woman is the bringer of life for through her temple is the new generation, so treat them as the Divine has treated you; with mercy, kindness, love, and understanding, the men said after they spoke the men told them, fro all alcohol is forbidden for it is the beginning of destruction; you will be from this day forth be free from it, and they have said that all of the drink has been destroyed, and no longer drunkards will they be." The prophet said "O, woman the Divine is true to all who will follow in true heart the message that has been sent through me and will continue through my bloodline."


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