April 10, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

From De'anna Tha' Doll by Derrick Tucker (author's profile)


Don't Ask, Don't Tell

I was always told you can life your life as you want to. It's your choice. We are in the so-called land of the "free." Believe it or not, lesbians and homosexuals have a better education IQ in this world. I'm not being funny, but it's true. Just look around at the better jobs.

The way a human being lives his or her life shouldn't stop their dreams. Whatever they want to do in life, it should be accomplished. And trust me if you don't ask, we want to tell. Not to mention, we have fought for gay rights forever, and it's finally kicking in. I love it. We are people, regardless of how others view us. People fear things they don't understand.

President Barack H. Obama is an understanding man who knows about life. The things you just can't and want changed. He for change, not trying to change Americans' lifestyles, sex, etc. But he is changing that. We should all have dealing with life, race, and sex. After all, this is the land of the free, and we live by the same rules as others in this country. When it's war against America, the homosexuals sign up for it and we do it too. When the guns are blasting out and I'm at your side killing the enemy, do you see me defront or do you see another soldier who shares your views and is ready to die for the American people. When the enemy have you on the ground and one of the gays you talked about comes killing to help you, do you not feel hope inside when they reach out their hand to pull you to your feet? So why should who they lay down with bother you if hey never bring it to you.

The homes of same-sex couples are a lot more peaceful and truer than others in this day and age. Yet you'll rather children be adopted by child rapists or abusers? If not that, they end up in a home where the people don't care for them. Yet in a same-sex home, we are not rousing our children to be like us. Because they were not born with the same feelings as us.

So please change the view of the people. We don't play with children or rap them in any way. We are people of respect, and we uphold the right. So please don't ever tie us in with those types of people. So here I stand with my community until those outside respect it. But if you don't ask we won't tell. We won't tell so don't ASK. This will keep us on a respectable level.

Thank you words from De'anna Tha' Doll

P.S. I'm open for any opinions and comments.


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