April 10, 2011

Programs Incarcerated

From De'anna Tha' Doll by Derrick Tucker (author's profile)


"Programs Incarcerated"

Adult behaviour And/ Punishment
There's got to be a better way than just locking people up. Meaning give them Probation or put them on House Arrest. Maybe a little of community control will work too. You can also send them to a Halfway House, for Help All of the Education GED And Drug Tier Programs are being pulled out of the Prisons. Why! because the Government has stop providing funds to Department of Corrections because they are spending it on Cheap Necessity and pocketing the rest instead of using it to keep the programs running. How will the Inmates become rehabilitated? Without help. They need something. So when they return to society they want come back to Jails or Prisons. Because it shows locking them up is not the answer. And it has not been the answer all these years. Then people want to know why the prison system body count keeps going up. I mean what else is there to do? Know how hard it is to make it out there getting out of this place? Now think of some one with no skill, but the crime world with a family. That need Him. How else will He provide for them? Work at Fast Food spot's which once was the only place you could go without a degree, by oh how things have changed. I ask myself is this real about protecting the people and trying to help those that need help OR just maybe this is all bargaining to become a money getting issue nothing more. I mean why else are they not putting money into these things? Yet the Tax Payers money is being spent on what? That cheap Hand me down Food! We know that's not it because they got gardens at all the Institutions now. Then the clothes are made by some camps which still if you go to the Institution you see Inmates running around with used clothes. Yet they getting new cars and staying in suites, eating steaks. Then you look they got on brand new whites that's been made by D.O.C. Pride which should belong to the Inmates, but they going to visitation in stuff look like it come from God only knows. Then on top of that they don't really have room to House Inmates. They ain't coming up with no system to help that either. Why you may ask? The money good and too easy to steal from the Tax payers. So this is what you people turn to? This is the answer for problems? It seem like y'all are really being robbed, not by those tagged but those you trust in, your own Government. So ask yourself who is the real criminal, who is truly getting over on society and its people?? What are you going to do?
Words by De'anna Tha Doll

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