May 3, 2016

My Statement

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April 25th 2016

Hello, Between the Bars Friends!

"My Statement"

I wan to speak out about this Michale Johnson (MJ) HIV/AIDS story: I first heard of it inside my Black and Pink Newspaper 2015 Issue. He has HIV/AIDS and he was spreading it amongst his ex-lovers. And he was a former wrestler.

Now he's incarcerated in Missouri. According to my UltraViolet (UV) Newspaper dated March 2016 issue, we all know this act is a form of murder and a deadly disease.

So, why does the world and the public news media want him free and back out in society if he did this evil thing to others? Or is the media fabricating a bogus story?

Now that makes me wonder: does he have HIV/AIDS? Who gave it to him? Why didn't he use a condom during sex? These questions flowing around in my head. I don't know Michael Johnson (MJ) personally or his status. But, if you have HIV/AIDS, you need to let the other person know so they will have a chance to decide if they want to have sex with you or not.

Get tested on a regular basis too!

Safe sex always saves lives everywhere in the world. Incarcerated or free in society. Keep this in mind please!

Lots of love,
—De'anna Thai Doll...

P.S. Friends, please post this submissions on the BLOG POST for the free world people to read it! Hello, Charles De'Tar the Director! Happy Passover! Jewish Faith!


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