April 10, 2011

Ancient Footsteps

From L.A.O.S. (Live As One Strong) by Souvannaseng Boriboune (author's profile)


Ancient Footsteps

Through Genesis, I know what the pain of birth is.
The cause was a poisonous fruit,
The effect man inherited.
Understanding of Dharma seeing unfold universal karma,
Deciphering Surahs of the Qu'ran
On bent knees, with open palms.
So my third eye opens seeing like Ancient Hindus.
Modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, humanity caught in a cesspool,
How can we break through?
Wisdom is right before you.
Decoding scriptures in Hebrew,
Then understand prophecies in Arabic.
Meditating on the pali cannon, seeing the bliss in Sanskrit,
To rid the pain, struggle and hurt.
Must follow the wisdom of the ancients who roamed this earth first.
So I turn to the east, hearing the drums beat.
The people of Kush moving their feet to the chanting of a
Chief priest
People Kemet decoding the universe with mathematics
So I calculate my steps.
Sitting in the lotus position, deep in medidation,
Nirvana unfolding, the Buddha incarnation.
Realizing self-sensation.
Inside myself like China, I build a great wall
To block out evil's penetration.
Nomadic Mongolians united for a cause has me seeing
Fruition of a people's unification.
Lao warriors migrating along the Mekong River
Started irrigation,
Sustaining a living, working together for
Fertile plantation.
Now I understand the collective working
Creates prosperity.
The ancients are calling me.
So I balanced my life out, like yin and yang,
In my Shaolin stance fearing no man.
But I'm crying, crying when my spirit left the
Reincarnated in the Fatherland.
I am the embryo of both lands.
His and Her knowledge was placed in my hands,
So I am overcoming the destruction of man
'Cause I am the prophecy of an ancient plan.

Written and spoken by
Souvannaseng Boriboune


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