April 10, 2011


From L.A.O.S. (Live As One Strong) by Souvannaseng Boriboune (author's profile)



I know you been feeling like less,
Upon your chest is a ton of stress.
You got guys treating you like less
'Cause they don't understand what's hidden
Within your inner breast.
They only understand your outer flesh.
Not knowing that sometimes a woman needs
To be caressed. Instead of an object for sex.
Continuation of humanity is what
The woman manifests. 'Cause that's a part
Of her essence and it holds many
Elements. Man and woman upon each other
Are interdependent. That's why we got
To love our weens and cherish
Our queens. For your love,
I'm a fiend. I love what is seen
And I cherish what is unseen,
That's hidden within your inner being.
I know the world is mean,
Guys ain't treating you right.
Got you going through same things.
'Cause they don't understand that
Every man needs a woman, and every
Woman needs a man. So
Without the Woman, I don't think
I can withstand missing that fire
That lights up man's dark days and fills his heart
Up with desire. Also, keeping man
Warm through the storm. And just like
A mother she protects from harm.
And every time you shed tears,
It's like a downpour of rain,
Flooding the world with sorrow and pain.
I can feel your pain.
But guys not knowing about the love
You brought and that to every woman;
Man is connected by the umbilical cord.
Humanity lies within your eyes,
And the knowledge of love lies within
Your insides. And it is so

By Souvannaseng


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