Feb. 23, 2019
by Michael Lloyd Young (author's profile)


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When Jussie Smollet was attacked, he was in the midst of displaying the utmost in courage and valor. After being threated by unknown cowards, he was offered round-the-clock-protection. But he declined. He still had faith in his fellow man. And the faith to know that he'd survive anything that came his way.

Being an unspoken activist on several controversial issues, he'd been used to dealing with those who either couldn't understand, or refused to hear the plea for compassion, understanding & equality for all of the people. Because of that he was stauchly against being moved by hate or fear. Actually, the hate comes from fear. Fear of losing some perceived stature that places the hater above someone as lowly as a "nigger" or a "faggot". Or maybe fear that Jussie was catering to - and therefore nurturing & enlightening - a segment of society that these particular haters want to remain marginalized, sidelined and at the bottom of society.

Jussie was following the examples of great leaders of the past who set wonderful examples of remaining steadfastly dedicated to their cause, being guilty only of breaking "laws" that were immoral, in themselves, and never caving to fear of bodily harm, or that more insidious kind: fear of what people will say, or think.

I'm chiming in late on the situation. Hundreds of people have already attested to this man's kindness, charity of spirit, and dedication to activism. He's been a tireless advocate & champion for many years, and he is still so young. As light dispels darkness, love displaces hate. We must be careful not to fall into the trick-bag of knee-jerk reactions. It seems to me that someone hopes this will start some kind of "race war". Or at least terrorize people & foment tension & hostility.

The "clues" were too simple: a MAGA hat? Oh, come on! That probably tells us that the assailants weren't white. But, no matter. The message was sent...



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...and received: intolerance intends to be an opponent of progress. I still believe that the best can come out of this situation if it is promulgated in the right way.

People who committ public atrocities want to be celebrated. Even if it is for a horrible crime. I hereby propose they lose their name - immediately & permanently. I think that as soon as someone who's done one of these public hate crimes is caught & taken into custody they should be referred to by a number. Or better yet, they should be referred to by the crime they committed - but without their names. For example: we'd say "that guy who attacked Jussie Smollet". Or we'd say "those two individuals that shot high school students at Columbine".

This way these guy don't get to be famous. They don't get to develop a following. They don't get to be an infamous hero - crusader for the cause. We will grant their legal rights. But we won't help them with their plan to harm society. That's what it is they intend. They want to wound or cripple our ability to function together, in harmony and peace.

Imagine for a moment, if whenever we saw one of these mass killers or public assaulters' face we never heard their name, just a number or a referrence to the crime. I'll bet that the frequency with which these kinds of things occur would level off & then decline. Instead of becoming ever more common, in our terrorized, stressed-out society.

Jussie Smollet is just 1 man. This was not a mass shooting, or even a death. But he is a symbol of progress, diversity, tolerance & inclusion. An attack on him is an attack on all open-minded, forward thinking people.

Spread the word about taking their name from them. And at least refuse to say the names out loud of anyone who assaults society. Say true to your values, keep an open heart, as well as an open mind.


Peace after revolution

One love!

This is our world!

Live well!

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Paul Posted 3 months, 3 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Very eloquent. I can't wait to read an equally eloquent post explaining why this POS in "the midst of displaying the utmost in courage and valor" actually sent himself a hate letter and then paid 2 very black people to assault him and pretend to be Trump supporters. Right down to the wearing a noose around his neck. And all because he wasn't happy with his $1,800,000 paycheck. This has to be the most insulting thing to people of color in general and Chicago in particular.


Michael Lloyd Young Posted 2 months, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
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