May 2, 2020

Creative Writing 3

From Lessons Learned by Antoine Murphy (author's profile)


Date: 4/24/2020 10:43:32 PM
Subject: Creative Writing 3

HIS HEART (November 4, 2017)
God wants 2 help U with Ur "self"
Bible got it in black n white
This Ur spiritual wealth

He cares bout every ounce of ur health
No matter the "scare" He can make it alright
God wants 2 help U with Ur "self"

Please let this b heartfelt
U with U, He wants 2 unite
This Ur spiritual wealth

Don't complain, the hand U dealt
On Ur "self" esteem, He'll shine radiant light
God wants 2 help U with Ur "self"

No matter Ur height, U R not an elf
U can do BIG things through Christ
This Ur spiritual wealth

Know God, 2 know Thyself
This Ur birthright
God wants 2 help U with Ur "self"
This Ur spiritual wealth

I don't care what, what you say
Don't wanna go, go another day
Being under Ur roof
Don't wanna b, the shooter, tho I can shoot
All water, Steph Curry
2 the NBA, there's no hurry
2 graduate
Or participate
In gym, or Ur halls of academia
Care less bout intellectual bulimia
Knowing the 1st Pres, only takes me so far
Same as dissecting frogs in a jar
u put ur dreams on me!

But I don't wanna b
The next
Hall of fame vet
Rather b
Next. ME
Myself n I
So what, I
'M 6 five
Scouts discovery, I gots no interest
Having my house on Pinterest
More millions, more int'rest
More I arouse int'rest
Never wanted me
So, I'm 3rd world country
Make shift rafts
My greyhound
Keep ya jackets
Of letterman's
Still I'm BIG
Like gaps on Dave's Letterman's
Without coaches riding my coattails
Teachers passing me, so they don't fail
Cheerleaders on my jock
But I could give a crock
Its all a plot
Earn us both, 3 hots n a cot!
Sex my love language? Its not
Prefer heavenly affirmation
Fulfill my god given occupation
I don't wanna go 2 school
B some learned fool
This side a cool
Cause of miseducation
Now I sit.
At home.
Miss education
But. I'm heart smart
The best head start
Catch me court side in Africa
All God. No abracadabra

Takes place early 2003
Demi=68 years currently in a nursing home. Frail. All her teeth. Married
Molly=13 years old. White. Heart of gold. Granddautger of Demi's roommate: Millie. Tall n skinny
Millie=42 years old. Demi's roommate. Was happily married till she was a victim of a domestic terrorist attack. Shot in head suffers brain damage. Mulatto. Heavy set
Amy=26 years old. Chinese. 6'3" thin. Model/singer dreams. Single Demi's caregiver

Amy - Afternoon
Demi - Don't afternoon me!
Millie - Must b her dementia kickin in
Get her girl!
Amy - Now Millie-Millie, don't u go getting her all riled up....Been a long day already.
Demi- How can that b?
U were through the roof this morning.
Talk 2 mama!
Millie - Yeah. Talk 2 us. We got over 100 years experience. Don't remember mush tho
[ starts 2 cry uncontrollably]
Demi - Yeah, she good at stealing the show
I understand.
John really hurt her when he up n walked out on her. 2 leave her in this condition.
The nerve!
Wouldn't know he was a victim of the shooting either. Swear his colostomy bag smell
like a Colonge entitled God
Amy - Men suck
Demi - I wasn't going 2 go that far...just saying this particular man Sucks
Amy - Well all men named JOHN suck
Demi - I'm listening
Amy - John, wants 2 break up with Mr. Says "if I knew u didn't want kids I would've never asked
u out."
How can I have kids let Aline twins in a time like this?
What about my career? No such thing as a pregnant model maybe in the movies, but this
is real life
Then have u seen what kids do 2 ur body?
No offence Millie.
Millie - Body's r beautiful. Beautiful r body's Body's r beautiful
Amy - Even more beautiful without stretch marks
Molly - What r stretch marks?
Millie- stomach smiles
Demi - Millie u silly
Silly Millie
Molly - Silly Millie [giggles]
Amy - Well, I'll pass Don't want my body being one big land slide either
Demi - Don't worry. Time does that
Amy - Well. Dr Gupcheck does the opposite
Millie - Life is beautiful
Gorgeous even
Pregnancy brings a glow!
Molly - I can't wait 2 glow!
Amy - Girl, give it a few more years
N if you do have a body - don't name him John.
Molly - Y?
That's my Dad's name

The End


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GN22 Posted 2 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 month, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

These were cool to read. I really like them.

Stay safe and healthy.

Antoine Murphy Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago.   Favorite
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