May 1, 2011


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We all have done it and still do today. My theory on it is to take the time to get to know each other.

DON'T have sex until you fully know who you're dealing with. If you choose this route, please use protection, meaning lubricated condoms. This isn't the 1950s anymore where you didn't have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases as much. Now in 2011, you have HIV, AIDS, Hepatits C. That's just to name a few. It's a lot to be concerned with. I feel if a person cares about your well-being, they will wait on the sex ordeal.

Dating to me should be a nice dinner and movie, something of that nature. Everything else will come in time. If you give it up quickly, you'll never see the other person again. So think about your health before it costs you sadness for the rest of your life. And never degrade yourself by such dirty remarks like, "If you into me, let's have sex NOW" or "Let's sleep together without lubricated condoms because it feels better this way." They don't care about you at all. Think first, react last.

My five personal rules for a happy dating life:
1. Never sleep with nobody on the first date. They won't stick around, believe me.
2. Before a date with a person, bring peppermint/chewing gum. Bad breath is not good.
3. Be a great listener. That way you'll know who you're dealing with.
4. Always look your best and smell good on a date. It shows you care about yourself. That's important.
5. Make eye contact at all times. This lets the other person know you take them seriously. No protection, NO AFFECTION.

I'm open to any opinions and comments.

Words by De'anna Tha Doll


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