May 1, 2011

About My Writing

by Patrick Rathsack (author's profile)



About My Writing

I am writing this letter in order to blog something for the week. I have made a commitment to myself to post at least four entries a month. This task seems easy enough at first glance. But, as I found out these last few days, it will be a challenge.

I do not own a television. I spend most of my quiet time studying, reading, or writing. These activities fill my days and nights when I am locked down.

I have spent over twenty hours writing for the week. Some of the time was used to write letters. In addition to those, I wrote the rough draft of an essay and most of a short story. Neither of the writing projects I worked on seem to be appropriate for this blog. The essay is about walking the track, which is an activity that occupies hours of my time. Although it is a big part of life in prison, I am concerned that it might be too boring to post. I do not see how it would encourage anyone. It does give a peek into my world.

The short story I have been writing is a fictional account of a hitchhiker who finds himself in a battle against the elements for his survival. It is based on my personal experiences. I believe it is becoming too long to post. It was recommended to me that I keep my blog posts short. Due to this limitation, I hesitate to end in this story once I have completed it.

I do not have a shortage of topics on which to write. My biggest difficulty is to prioritize the subjects and separate out the ones that will not fulfill my stated goals for the blog.

I would like to say a few words about my typing. I will not be able to type all of my blogs. I am fortunate enough to own a typewriter. However, I have limitations on my use of it. I can only operate the noisy machine when it will not unduly disturb my cellmate. Also, typing accessories cost money. I have limited supply of them. I need to make my ribbons, correction tape, and typing paper last as long as possible. Most inmates have some form of support. I do not. I must make my limited resources stretch.

You might be surprised at how expensive it can be to live in prison. The average inmate has many expenses. Almost everything in the institution costs something. Even supplies that are supposedly provided by the state do not always come free. I will probably write more about the prison economy in the future.

For now I will say goodbye.

Patrick Rathsack T-45624
M.C.S.P. C-14-221up
P.O. Box 409060
Ione, CA 95640


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