June 12, 2011
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Hey. Well, I figured I would give you all some good news for once. :)

The first lawsuit I filed against the Texas prison industry is finally going to court. I got mail today showing the dates for appearances. However, all of my legal books have miraculously disappeared since all this shit with the white power gangs has kicked off. Oh well. I haven't ever learned how to quit.

I'd like to talk about all of these ideologies going on and what it means to me. If you come across a belief which solidifies your life, something that truly touches your soul, then dedicate yourself to it. Whatever it is, if your religious doctrine states that your religion is the only true one, then stick to it. If you believe the white race is an aberration to natural life, okay. If you believe that all governments are evil and are trying to enslave all of mankind, stay strong. If you believe the black people of the world are mistreated and downtrodden, do something. If you believe the environment of our world is in danger from the industry and that are children are in danger of suffering, stand up. Whatever it is you believe, please just stick to it. Learn everything you can about it and, with the Internet, that's everything. Don't weaken on your beliefs; that aggravates the hell out of me.

When fanatics about an issue rise up, then do things that contradict their beliefs. If you are a white supremacist, what are you doing interacting with other races—and I mean at all— in any way? If you really believe that yours is the only true religion, why are your granting the other religions any kind of recognition? It's just crazy for anyone to claim a hardcore belief to flipflop on their core beliefs. If you're an anarchist, you shouldn't be doing anything in any way to support any government. If you are an environmentalist, why are you driving a car or purchasing any items which are produced by companies that pollute in any way? If you feel the Israelis are committing atrocities against the Palestinians, find a way to protect them.

There is nothing worse than a fanatic who hasn't taken the time to learn everything about his beliefs. Unless it's someone who is a halfass believer. This person weakens the entire movement. I do not believe any of the above things, and I'm dedicated to fight for my beliefs, no matter the odds or popularity.

You all take care.

Peace :)


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