June 25, 2011
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Writing this blog to the many listeners whom have responded to my pleas and ideas. That gives me strength and courage to carry on my journey in this endless world of taking no hostages. They shoot those whom do not comply, just like how it's done on the streets of America every day by the ones whom are paid to serve the people. They are justified with the backings of higher authorities, regardless if knowledge of the enforcer is wrong, and treated as if it were right. No one has a problem with this type of "law enforcement" here in America.

When there are those whom despise the law and treat murder as if it's a game, we buy our kids video games that mimic the murder of others for sport. The same time, we teach our kids to dial 911 when the parents spank their children. I feel if a parent spanks their children it is better than the police murdering them, but it's encouragement as kids...

If I had a dollar for all who doubt me as a person and as a human being being a self-taught paralegal legal assistant, then I would be able to further my education through the correspondence courses offered by the various schools. Prison don't offer educational opporutnities as far as pell grants, etc. We must depend on others like sponsors, if we are lucky enough to find one that doesn't mind sharing the wealth. I have not been that lucky...

I need a dollar from each blogger or more, if you see potential for a citizen once paroled. Or maybe as a brother, a neighbor, a brother-in-law, or sister-in-law—if willing, allow me to meet your sister-friend. If you're a girl, you may be a good prospect or candidate for winning the lottery, as I am a winner. I need a woman. Do you feel lucky?

Please respond.


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