July 21, 2011

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This is in response to the ones whom want to respond but are hesitant as you don't qualify as to the contents of the ad as a friend is always a plus in my situation. Just hoping my past won't reflect on my future as the days of "slavery" in the form of unjust prisons are in the limelight. Some see the real criminals, the ones whom are living in the penthouses while the ones in prison are living at the bottom, the ghettos, the skid rows of America.

A guard making $100,000+ a year with a GED education will tell that the way it is. They hope to build more to incarcerate many more people to keep a job, to make money of another's suffering. It's the "American way", one of the perks that America is proud of, from slavery to the massacre of the red man (American Indians). For profit, the same as the prisons. Everything is for profit. The wars of Iraq, Libra, etc. are all wealth driven. The authority figures of America say they love children, but they are massacring the same children under the theory of protecting children.

Please respond to these few words so that "my thoughts" are conveyed in a way that doesn't turn you away. My mind is the only thing I've got left that is free to wonder. Let me hear your way of thinking.

Thank you.

Jimmie Stephen C56483
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, California 95696

Date: 7-14-11



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