Dec. 31, 2012

Gun Control...

by Andy Blackmore (author's profile)


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Gun Control...

OK - I had to wait for the shock, disgust and anger to wear off before I wrote this one. Glad I waited! Let's see where this leads...

First of all - to all the victims and families touched by this Newtown tragedy - my thoughts and prayers are with you. I don't know why God steals our children, but I'll definitely kick him in the balls for this one. I hope and pray all you survivors can get through the suffering and somehow piece your lives back together.

The fact is and always will be, guns are a tool, that's all. It is the handlers that are the problem. In this case, an autistic (?) liberal-vegan blew out 27 candles and then his own (thank God). Fact is - this was NOT the calculated act of a gun-toting conservative NRA supporter.

Fact is, the guns WERE STOLEN from the legal owner, who in fact, went through all the LEGAL CHANNELS to buy, own, maintain those weapons. The owner was a RESPONSIBLE party.

'Gun control' is a lie. An OUTLAW used STOLEN guns as weapons to commit ILLEGAL and VIOLENT acts. How do you 'control' that? By taking away more rights? NO NO NO!!!


By RESTORING rights! That's correct. If EVERY ADULT in that school was armed and properly trained, this LIBERAL VEGAN OUTLAW would never have had the opportunity to commit those acts - he would have been stopped by LAWFUL use of firearms in the name of law and justice. The children of Sandy Hook Elementary would still be alive. Period.

Disarm America? Do you ALL want to die at the hands of outlaws? Buy your gun, buy your ammo, join the NRA and your local Rod & Gun Club and learn PROPER USE AND RESPONSIBILITY of your firearm. Carry your gun with you at all times and when an OUTLAW comes after you, use your judgement, your firearm and end the stupid sonofabitch.

THAT is "gun-control". Period. If you disagree, go comment on some bleeding-heart liberal vegan's blog. Oh wait, he's dead after shooting up a school...

Think about it, you morons -


P.S. Memo to Gov Jerry Brown, CA: Need I mention that this would also solve that pesky prison overcrowding problem your administration is running from?!?!


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Nicki Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite

Now, you know that I know and love you, and I'm not one to generally disagree with people with such strong opinions, I'd rather smile and keep walking. But at the risk of being labeled a "bleeding-heart liberal vegan" (haha)... I have to offer you the following thoughts from Australia.

The last mass shooting we had here was almost 20 years ago at Port Arthur (which was originally a penal settlement), where Martin Bryant was accused and sentenced for killing 35 people in 1996.

At that time strict gun controls came into being across our country. There was a buy back scheme put in place and an amnesty, where people were able to hand their guns in, registered or not, no questions asked. Interestingly, since this most recent tragedy, I've seen footage of some American's handing their weapons in enmass, no buy back... just handing them in. Here we now have NO access to automatic weapons in our country, and in my mind, there is no legitimate purpose for them. To have a gun license now, Australians must have a legitimate purpose to own a gun. Either a member of a sporting gun club or a property owner with livestock. Our Police and some security guards carry sidearms, but they are locked into gun safes at their place of work at the end of their shift. Possession is of a weapon (of any type) is a criminal offence here. As for our neighbors in New Zealand, across the Tasman Sea, their police don't even carry guns. I think perhaps we walk our streets here feeling much safer than most American's would, armed or not.

Our little gun control social experiment (if you'd like to look at it that way) has been a resounding success. We have had exactly NO mass shootings since gun control was put into place (mass shootings are defined by police and criminologists as 4 or more at one time) and I think that is incredibly significant. I would like to think that America would look to us as an example of the difference that can be. I certainly believe we (Australians) looked to America for what could be when our gun laws were overhauled 16 years ago. And I couldn't be more thankful for the changes that our government made at that time.

Nicki Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
I don't know if our success 'could' be replicated in the USA. We don't have "a right to bare arms" written into our constitution so it's not something that was difficult decision for most of us. We didn't feel like we were being deprived of our basic rights and focused on the value of human life, and the fact that we never wanted to see another incident of violence like Port Arthur in our country again. I think the mentality of many American's is very different to our own, specifically on this issue.

Please tell me though that you DON'T see the solution for the mass loss of life that keeps recurring in the USA over and over again is - more guns... (?) In all seriousness... that cannot possibly make sense in anyone's mind. Can it..?

OnTimeInCheckCC Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
I dont blame the 9mm and .22 that enabled someone to (usually inadequate about their life and money/relationship issues on the daily they bitched about this) finally feel powerful big and strong (in a group of 3-4 buddies though) enough to break into my home (thats not what firearms or bearing arms is for feeling- powerful enough to take anger out on person is not anywhere close its more like the nut that killed those primary school children at age 20 yrs old!! wth??), The psycho guy brandishing a 9mm in my home was one of which I worked nights with 2nd-3rd swing swift welding parts full time plus, and knew beneath this sweet false demeanor and charismatic pushiness that everyone else overlooks or falls for (ends up hurt very badly or in court with EPO against guy) was a potential threat PLUS a potential creep- and I do mean creep. Not, oh hes a flirt who wants to stalk me and leave threatening notes about killing my pets and then do so on my doorstep, he was a true nutcase and coming from me, Ill give anyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their mindset(s) yeah, so that means alot- however, I did not enter these guys (even the one and his brother, his toadie in this robbery on dope BS game of breaking in my home 2 yrs ago both armed and bringing 2-3 extra friends along to wait outside I guess? Big dummies) everyday lives threatening them with harm in any way (and yet still had they done this to me DAILY I still was not taught/and would never be "careless" or disrespect a firearm by being careless or flippant with a gun in any way shape or form, ever.

I have not been taught/trained to handle and own) despite the fact that they caught me minding my own business and tried to take advantage of me in my home, what they thought would be a comfort zone for me.....The guy who broke into my home did not have good intentions and I am fortunately (dunno which is best in the USA, Ive tried to accomplish being stupid but hey it didnt happen, did my best dammit lol) not STUPID when it comes to knowing what is obviously trouble even though "everyone else in their workplace/small town trusts them and never would think theyd do this kind of stuff etc etc etc yada yada yeah they believe the false charisma and thats when I pay said person some much needed (mentally) extreme hardcore extra attention, and usually by not falling for it, piss off a psycho or two- in this case maybe 4?

OnTimeInCheckCC Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
PART TWO- LOST BITS OF REPLY DUE TO INTERNET CONNECTION. Since he did bring that many fellow nutcases and borderlines with sociopathic traits scattered here and there if you watched the way these people acted in daily life. But was a gun to blame for their actions? No, and was my life the price to pay to teach others not to defend themselves against 4 morons, 2 with firearms (small pistols) yet dont know how to handle/use them other than wave them arounnd, point, and yell demands as if they will get somewhere with that......But its always possible in my area- should they just decide on this house number for any reason and Im sure meth users up and awake after a 19 day binge arent too reasonable of thinkers but I digress..*sigh*..its not about being a maniac wanting more guns, thats not the answer, its about everyone wanting to see that as the answer because when you start taking away rights that were placed in our amendments (2nd- right to bear arms was put there on the basis of military AND for citizens and self protection according to what Ive learned through the years, protection, not mass murder madness) taking my right(s) away at all only implies that I have to pay the dues that this maniac created himself, because he of course didnt stick around to do so and didnt plan on it, and because his odd crime made no sense to society (overall, they gave a summary thats it) its much easier after YEARS UPON YEARS of school shootings (yet this is the first Ive heard of a 20 yr old running up in his old elementary/primary school for Christs sake!) to instead of admitting hey, this kind of stuff cannot be prevented, its much easier to simply threaten to make us all suffer for a few peoples horrible actions that society found shocking and regular citizens pay the price? Thats what will never make sense to me. I already pay the price when Im put in danger, a 2nd time or 3rd even, and Im not even paranoid- its more or less hypervigilant and aware of my surroundings which helps me to not be stupid with a weapon of any sort that Im legally trained and allowed to own- even if and when faced with danger I wont be stupid. Period. Thats a responsible gun owner who respects the weapon they own for their household and their self protection as well as their loved ones protection also. I want more out of life than to hope that my few family members divvy up my crappy life insurance policy without fighting each other over the crappy amount once divided up, I want more life and I do not want it taken from me. Call me nuts, call me paranoid, call me what you will, but you wont call me DEAD AND GONE when another psycho comes around- and evidently the USA is full of them or so they say these days? Whats to control, who needs to be punished for doing nothing wrong at all, and whats truly at the root of all of this, if anything is able to be controlled? Who could even answer that? Much Luv TO ALL reading right now, CC

OnTimeInCheckCC Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
Around here, someone can illegally acquire a pistol grip pump shotgun 12 gauge quicker on the streets in the city (and not even know how to use it other than scare/harm people hoping that works only) than I can LEGALLY buy, train to use, and own it through and through a simple .25 small pistol which is about the pettiest pistol one can own, and Id shoot myself in the foot and drive myself to the hospital to anyone who didnt believe me on that one. But look at the difference. A shotgun illegally acquired and they dont know anything about it (as a wise man once said- outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns- and that is very true since they are so easily gotten off the street that anyone out to harm me COULD beat me to it easily), cos they will get them and then what will law abiding citizens have? Emergency protection orders that protect from immediately fatal double barrel 12gauge sawed off shotgun wounds? I doubt it here. Even if there are or would be any wounds from that kind of shot, I doubt it. I should have chosen better example but thats what is on the streets not in stores, ready for anyone to grab and not go through the waiting period/concealed weapons permit testing/background check/test and learn to fire whatever gun I PURCHASE on the firing range until Im familiar with it the honest way. Not how its done here, so taking away self defense is taking away alot more than others wanna imagine cos they cant wrap their little minds around it.

OnTimeInCheckCC Posted 11 years, 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 5 months ago   Favorite
But when it comes to a time when its been a 2 decade onslaught of mass chaos that cannot be prevented or stopped, and everyone else out here has to pay the dues of crazy people who did wrong, I have an issue with that. Not me, nor will I die and pay the ultimate price with my life or god-daughter's life over someone else's bad decision(s) to make me or us victims. Not here. Wrong home, baby. But I dont expect THE MAJORITY (I said majority, no freak outs please, for love of Hail Mary and the disciples, apostles, pentecostals, and every fine Baptist overly southern style of A church Ive ever been thrown out of! Yeah I know, I make church sound like a bad southern fried version of chicken, Im just sickening I know already but LOL jk sorry twisted humor cos sometimes after 29-30 yrs in this crazy world with crazy society bass-ackwards confused as hell its better to make yourself laugh or youd probably cry your eyeballs out and I DO MEAN BOTH of em too! XD jk lol carry on, Im sorry once again, I was saying....the MAJORITY ahem) of USA citizens to get it to be honest with you, definitely not in the USA where if its not shocking ENOUGH, it doesnt matter til its HARDCORE SHOCKING to society and then when it all finally dies down, we take the less shocking option and blame everyone thats civil and obedient to laws or at least threaten to do so with 2nd amendments rights taken away, all right before getting lazy and giving up only so that society as a whole can simply get back to where they were all at before- which was/is always 1 main point/goal: forgetting the whole entire deal. Crazy place. Not like any other, and not peaceful minded as an overall mindset among people here, but thats not surprising given the way our country sets things up in the first place. Just my humble opinion, learned over the years and by opened wide eyes, thats all. -Much Luv, CC

Andy Blackmore Posted 11 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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Andy Blackmore Posted 11 years, 2 months ago.   Favorite
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