July 2, 2011

Greater than HIV/AIDS

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June 26, 2011

News story
"Greater than HIV/AIDS"

I was listening to the radio this morning, a program called "Greater than HIV/AIDS" (time: 7:30 AM). Ask yourself: is life worth catching a deadly disease? If you have sex, use a condom—always. People will give it to you. And they won't even tell you. They don't care.

People on the radio this morning were telling how they contacted HIV/AIDS. It's through other people with having unprotected sex. It's SAD. African-Americans are the highest risk for HIV/AIDS in America.

Be responsible for your actions. If not, think about the next person who could pay for your mistake. It's a lot of folks living and dealing with HIV/AIDS in today's world. Remember: anyone can catch HIV/AIDS, not only gay or lesbian folks. I did read in my VIBE magazine in race HIV/AIDS statistics show African-Americans as #1, Hispanics #2, Caucasians #3.

If you found out you were HIV/AIDS positive, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you tell? Go get tested. You need to know. It's FREE and it takes only a few minutes for your results.

If you don't want to use condoms, the only thing for you is to be asexual. Our HEALTH IS ALL WE HAVE. Cherish THAT.


President B. Obama is trying to legalize gay marriages. He said he believes they deserve legal rights in this country like other marriages. He supports it to the fullest. He's looking for jobs for people who need one, plus others who have been laid off. Plus, he's trying to bring the troops home in Afghanistan and Iraq. And he's making sure everybody has health care. People need that in America.

People say we are slowly recovering from this recession that took off in 2007. It's been four years now. He's going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania visiting 6-24-11.

First lady M. Obama is visiting Africa. She and the girls, I heard on the radio. She is over there getting them in physical shape. Men and women, meaning doing sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, etc. I think she's doing a wonderful job in Africa.

Last night, in New York, he spoke at a fundraiser.

Tomorrow will be two full years. His death (6-25-09), the King of Pop has left this earth, but he's still in our hearts. I love his music and style. The greatest entertainer of all time. He's truly loved by the world.

President B. Obama gave a speech on 6-22-11 in Washington DC on Afghanistan ending the army. Something he wanted from day one!




Gay people a tall
And we refuse to fall
Gay people are not afraid to crave
All of us are brave
Gay is a choice we make
So it's not fake
Gay people love is deep
Even if we can't get no sleep
Gay is something nice
And we add a little spice
Gay people fought for their rights
It took us a lot of nights
Gay people don't frown
We all deserve a crown
Gay people don't need to be told
We are very bold
Gay people have gained the victory
And we will make history
Gay people are winners
Not at all beginners
Gay people are misjudged
But we never hold a grudge
Gay people never kill
Do what you will




Confusion, most of these people love it
But the truth of the matter, they need to quit
Confusion is for the one who seeks
So step back and take a peek
Confusion, just weigh us down
Please don't become a clown
Confusion is displayed by a fool
Because they think it's cool
Confusion is like a round ball
You can roll it down the hall
Confusion is very blue
Tell me what should a man do?
Confusion is for the lonely
Trust me, they use it wrongly
Confusion is what makes money
But that's not true, honey
Confusion is nothing but a truck
And I think it's very sick
Confusion is a sad way of living
Black people need to start giving
Confusion is something mankind needs to change
Because it is a sign of derange
Confusion has been around so long
It's really strong
Confusion is not a sweet pear
But we must learn to bear

I'm open for any comments.
De'Anna Tha' Doll


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