March 15, 2013


by Kekoa Maribusan (author's profile)


By: Kekoa Manibusan

Merriam Websters Collegiate Dictionary defines self-determination as: free choice of one's own acts or status without external compulsion 2.) determination by the people of a territorial unit of their own future potential status. Both definitions go hand-in-hand; in order for people to work together for their own political future, it's essential to renounce external compulsion.

The question arises, "how do we free ourselves from external compulsion?" The answer is three-fold. 1.) putting our beliefs on trial; 2.) arming oneself with the sword of discrimination, severing out attachment to a dismal mindset while fostering propitious ways of thinking; and 3.) withdrawal from all thoughts - positive and negative.

The first step to emancipation is to undergo the "unlearning process." Assaying our opinions - for and/or against - accepted truths/untruths encompassing culture, government, economical systems, religious, and societal norms. None of the aforementioned should be blindly believed or disbelieved until we authenticate it ourselves.

Secondly, systematising our minds by separating helpful thoughts from the unhelpful. All thinking that lends to feeling small, inadequate, insecure, shame, guilt, fear, inferior, anger, hatred, and pessimistic should be shunned. The train of thoughts that inspires beatitude, optimism, confidence, and altruism strengthened.

Lastly, utilising the technique to shun bad thoughts and now applying the good ones as well. This is the "witnessing state."

The successful completion of these practices would no only have eradicated external compulsion attaining "mental freedom," but our minds would spontaneously experience joy and peace from the habit of ignoring a gloomy state of mind.

Inner-strength emits from your being, walking the earth with full confidence having achieved the witnessing state. In this mode, one is unaffected by the dual opposites -- good and evil; right and wrong; merit and demerit, etc. -- projected by others (every facet of society constitutes their fantasies and hurls them onto the external world, hoping we identify with it, making their hallucinations our reality. Although some delusions correspond with one another, e.g. having "name brand" goods in society being acknowledged as successful, wealthy, powerful, and superior; while those without are looked upon as losers, poor, weak, and inferior. In the subculture attaining "name brand" goods -- usually by illegal means -- parallels that of society. However, not all illusions harmonise e.g. society considers aiding Law Enforcement by "coming forward" as good, courageous, and right; while not assisting Authorities is deemed bad, wrong, and criminal that can and will be punished by law. In the subculture, NOT aiding law enforcement is looked upon as good, right, "Gangster," and "real;" while helping authorities is deemed bad, wrong, cowardly, and "fake"), because he can pierce through their delusions, understand it, and make decisions outside of the box (so-to-speak), expressing sovereign power.

Furthermore, this state vanquishes the fear expressed through defence mechanisms, which for the most part, are nothing more than unconscious reactions. Previously when one identified with multiple dual opposites, it caused low self-esteem activating self-preservation when others point out the delusion (usually negative) that they feel fits us; responding verbally or physically, and sometimes both in a way that we feel would safeguard our ego.

Evolved, radiating the attributes of the sun -- giving life, light, and love to all without discriminating while remaining above and beyond, non-attached -- one is like a bee collecting the sweetness from all cultures, religions, governments, economical systems, and societal norms - unlearning process - converting it into honey; composing a society that uplifts and embraces all of her people, with "Freedom of Though" at its foundation.

Speaking In Truth,

Kekoa Manibusan (c) 2013


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