April 4, 2011

Today's Meditation

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My Quest

Today's Meditation
Greetings Everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the Spring Weather. I'm learning more and more that a big key to happiness is the practice of appreciating the small wonders in life. So many of us live from one great even to another while merely putting up with the boring times inbetween. Sadly, these great fun events are few and far between' they are the "Peaks" of life. But if we take a moment to notice all the small wonders that surround us everyday we'll find a rich reservoir of untapped joy waiting to slake over thirst. I've heard it said that 95% of joy is appreciating the small wonders. Unlike "Peak experiences", small wonders are almost always available to us. Try this exercise. Dedicate just ten minutes to appreciating a small wonder in your life. Some examples are a sun-set, a star filled sky, a flower, a loved one, a beautiful landscape, or a delicious plate of food. Clear your mind and dedicate yourself to fully experiencing and appreciating this small wonder. Who knows, what started off as a small wonder often taken for granted could turn our to be the Peak of your day. :)

Current Events-
Today i want to share my dream with you. My dream is to create LifeQuest- a web-based life enhancement organisation. It is my belief that, though admirable and possessing many great qualities, many of the twelve step support groups and programs available for recovery and life enhancement are outdated and largely ineffective. The success rate is poor, yet there aren't many options available to lower and middle class people. With LifeQUest, I plan on taking what works with the current models of recovery (mainly the supportive community they provide) and combining them with the latest and most effective tools available for Personal Development, life enhancement and recovery. I plan on bringing this field into the 21st century by making use of the social networking capabilities of the internet. Like many twelve-step groups, Life Quest will have weekly meetings where members gather and discuss their progress. In addition to this, Life Quest will offer an online social network with chat-rooms, a newsletter, a message board and an events calendar. The events calendar informs members of upcoming fun, social activities- something that is so desperately needed for people involved with personal development to participate in. These events give members an enjoyable, safe environment to practice their new skills in. Events could include hiking trips, museums, tours, retreats, or any number of things. We could also have a volunteer page advertising the volunteer needs of the local community. This is important as people newly in recovery need to "get out of their own heads" By volunteering members gain a sense of self-worth, charity, and contribution. This helps rebuild their image of themselves and also is a great help to the community! Finally, there will be a three part online course. This includes the "Explorer's Path" which focuses on taking responsibility, forgiveness, self-discovery and building self-worth. Then there's the "Sojourner's Path" which focuses on building personal development skills. This is where the tools of the trade are learned. Finally, there's the "Hero's Path". Here members enter self-actualisation work, learn leadership skills and expand themselves. Members on the Hero's Path will be encouraged to sponsor new comers. I call these hero's "Travel Guides" as we are all on a quest to find inner freedom and personal empowerment.

There's so much more, but I don't want to reveal everything here. What I'd like is to attract the help of sincere supporters and people involved in the fields of psychology , life coaching and recovery. I'd like to share what I have so far and get advice on how to improve what I have. I truly want to make this happen, and make it the very best it can be.

The reason I am highly motivated to make Life Quest a reality is because before I was arrested I honestly tried to create a better life for myself and those I loved. I tried everything- AA, rehabs, counselling, churches, retreats, day programs- but nothing worked. Not only did I try over and over again, but I have all these methods my best shot... but i still failed. I still fell to such dysfunction that I landed myself in prison. I don't want anyone to ever have to go through what I did. Anyone with a sincere desire to change deserves the best, most effective means to make that happen. That's my goal for Life Quest.

I've been to the lowest depths of dysfunction. I've given all the conventional progams and treatments a shot. I've seen what works and what doesn't. What incarcerated, I've done extensive research in the fields of psychology, philosophy, spiritually and personal development, and I'm proud to say that, with the help of some skilled therapists and the loving support of family, I've made tremendous progress. I want others who are struggling to experience the inner freedom and personal empowerment that I experience today. Never in my wildest dreams did I think i could find such inner fulfilment, especially while I'm in prison!

I watch people in the midst of dysfunction everyday. I see the methods they try, what helps, what doesn't and I can't wait to revolutionise the self help field. Life Quest is about community support, compassion, responsibility and accountability. It will bring warmth and synergy to a field that has been promoted a lonely and gruelling path for recovery. No wonder their success rates are so low. I have more access to drugs today than I ever did on the street, yet I am happily- gleefully!- clean. Not only that, I am empowered and fulfilled.

If you're interested in helping to make Life Quest a reality, leave a comment below or contact me by mail.

Lots of love to you all. Take Care!

Quote of the day: "Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe something inside of them was superior to circumstance." -Bruce Barton.

Puzzle- What common phrase does the following represent?
CHIMP. (hint: don't go "bananas" over this one.)


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Josh Beckmann Posted 11 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 11 years, 11 months ago   Favorite
I like today's meditation. Staying awake to all that is happening seems like really important work to me- even when things are boring. Thanks for the reminder!

Do you have other recommendations for meditations? What kinds of small wonders have you appreciated lately?

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