May 21, 2017

Failures Too Great To Ignore

by Timothy J. Muise (author's profile)

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Paul Posted 11 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months ago   Favorite
Seems we are seeing a huge credibility gap appearing between what #W66927 says and what is actual fact.

For years we have had to endure claims of being the "expert in correctional failure"
Seemingly he has not chosen this accolade but has had it thrust upon him. By whom we have no idea.
Perhaps it is his 'special friend' with whom he communes.

Let's examine his claim. Seems he subscribes to the urban legend of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.
Fiddles didn't exist till the 11 century so it seems impossible to play one in 64 ad.

MRSA wasn't born in the DOC. Definitive analysis into the origins shows that MRSA occurs in three specific groups of people: (1) persons currently in the hospital (hospital-associated MRSA), (2) persons with recent hospitalization or ongoing contact with medical clinics, dialysis units, or those undergoing complex outpatient treatments, such as chemotherapy (healthcare-associated MRSA), and (3) persons in the community (community-associated MRSA).

His claim of locking up crack cocaine users leaving children fatherless......30 years ago....
is the reason we now have gangs totally disregards the fact that in the 'persons of colour' 73% of children are born to un-married mothers.
Perhaps this illustrates that it is actually nothing to do with crack users being locked up. Perhaps some data will clarify that.

Racial or ethnic group

Percent of births considered "non-marital"
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
17 percent
Non-Hispanic whites
29 percent
53 percent
American Indian and Native Alaskans
66 percent
Non-Hispanic blacks
73 percent

Taking into consideration that in some cases there may be a male in the household we still have a 67% single parent family

The thought that it is some sort of Government conspiracy is simply laughable.

To sermonize, for all these years, as the 'go to' person and an address for senators, congressmen and any other DOC involved person to find out how to successfully enable re-entry of offenders has been de-bunked by his own total failure to prepare for his own imminent release.
Despite all of his claims to being an expert he is woefully unprepared having squandered thousands of dollars and the benefit of 'many supporters' and family his own words on 31st. of May........"I am angry and unprepared".

Says it all really.


Cavak Posted 11 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months ago   Favorite
Paul, have you read any of these books: Locking Up Our Own, The Death of Innocents by Sister Helen Prejean, The New Jim Crow, or Doing Time Like a Spy?

There is a bias against people who speak out against the system and by those running it. To suggest otherwise is disrespectful to these speakers too. How can you talk as if you know so much if you haven't been there to experience it yourself? You have not been charged a criminal and revoked for many "normal" rights for your livelihood, that's why.

I am not defending everything that Muise is saying since I know that he is not always accurate with some of his citations either. I admit to not always liking everything he writes either.

What I am doing is highlighting that you have been continuously nitpicking and siding with the "hard on crime" approach towards Muise without fully considering all the perspectives on the issues he presents. Dismissing his voice and accepting the norm, no matter how flawed, as the only solid truth in your view. Why not take the chance to really listen and think more about what is being said?

Muise, I hope when you get out, you will find people who truly accept you as a changed man. I hope your family welcomes you back with open arms.

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