July 8, 2020


From Radical Illuminations by Joe L. Valentine (author's profile)


"What became of the Black People of Sumer? the traveller asked the old man, for ancient records show that the people of Sumer were Black. What happened to them? Ah, the old man sighed. They LOST THEIR HISTORY so they died."
-A Sumer Legend

"Massa, WE sick?"

have you ever heard the sayings "The enemy of my enemy, is my friend" and "Know your enemies, from your friends"? Sadly, and certainly to our great disadvantage, far too many so-called "African-Amerikans" exist atop this planet quite ignorant of the crucial FACT of not knowing WHO THEIR ENEMIES and FRIENDS ARE, even as they assume the totally WRONG stance when it comes to United States-Military or Pentagon conflicts abroad, in terms of foreign governments and political organizations such as for example that of FARC, Al Qaeda, etc., etc.
Black people (New Afrikans) in Amerika seem to be deeply oblivious of JUST WHO--i.e., class-government and indeed cultural group-- their historical and contemporary, persistent, ENEMIES are, which, logically, means neither do they realize JUST WHO their FRIENDS are, i.e., the New Afrikan community is so politically unsophisticated and confused, THEIR OWN VITAL INTERESTEDS ARE DENIED AND UNDERMINED BY NOT PROPERLY AND INTELLIGENTLY IDENTIFYING REQUISITE... ALLIES IN THEIR PROTRACTED STRUGGLE FOR TRUE LIBERATION IN ACTUAL INDEPENDENCE.
Also important, is the necessity to align ourselves with the TRUTH or being morally consistent in the sense of governing ourselves on the plane of every distinguishing "Right from Wrong," and on this basis taking a strong political stand. For instance, early this 2020 year, Iran launched missiles at a US military installation in Iraq as retalitorial measure for the US government-CIA-Pentagon TARGETING an Iranian General, whom was killed--MURDERED!--purportedly, for planning to attack American embassies. It is alleged, from those whom are PROVEN LIARS-- e.g., Trump, the Pentagon-Military Officials, politicians, etc. --that he "posed an imminent threat" to US citizens.
In reality, the actual motive behind his assassination has everything to do with pursuing and securing the INTERESTS, strategically and materially, of the white male ruling class in that region fo the world, which, as we're aware, centers around OIL and NATURAL GAS. It is really, the calculated agenda or priorities of corporate-financial and industrial Amerika, which is EVER the main reason for the military measures taken against Iran, as it the case with regards to Russia, China, Venezeula, Syria, etc., and not based on some supposed "concern' for the general welfare of Amerikan citizens, since if this assertion were true, the U.S. government-military and indeed rightly, provokes a negative-violent REACTION via certain forces of the Middle East in the first place, although, of course, those of a RACIST COMPLEX will be conveniently blind of this fact.
When the basic masses here identify or associate their interests with the interests of the white male ruling class government, to my mind the "WE" become and are shown to be not only extremely indifferent towards ht people of countries like Iran, China, Russia, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, etc., but more importantly, they become and are shown to be COMPLICIT in the criminal designs and conduct of the U.S. ruling class. Just this minute, my belly said regarding the impending or potential military confrontation that of the U.S. and Iran, "They fired at US!"
This self-defeating and contradictory attitude speaks volumes as to the matter of just HOW DEEPLY BRAINWASHED BLACK FOLKS ARE IN THIS COUNTRY, as too many have "fell for the traps" laid to the peril of the New Afrikan community, The greater percentage of Black people have an emotional and psychological connection towards the white male ruling class's systems-- e.g., THE OPPRESSORS ECONOMIC, POLITICAL AND SOCIAL ENTITIES-- and/or are deeply shaped and influenced by the underlying ideo-philosophies in which such entities represent. The opportunist and collaborative or collusive approach signified via the saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!," is the prevailing attitude and practice even as, admittedly, at its root is their being unconscious of our realities in this country and, yes, for some their decisions are the definite result of desperate circumstances.
So, in this vein, one must recognize those pressing dynamics which are at play with regards to being in simple "survival mode." yet, there are those "proud Black AMERICANS" who accept and value the programs of the white male ruling class oppressors to such a degree they're "willing and ready" -- SOME ARE, IN THEIR TWISTED "THINKING," ANXIOUS AS HELL! -- to kill and die (SACRIFICE) for this racist and super-exploitative country or the U.S. Government and Military to prove their loyalty as reflected via those adhering to the "Buffalo Soldier" and "Red Tail" complex and tradition.
This is a definite REACTIONARY TRADITION as confirmed by the fact of how the "Buffalo Soldiers" allowed themselves to be TOOLS OF REPRESSION against Native Americans and the movie "Red Tail," a film about the Tuskegee Airmen "Patriotic" participation in Wolrd War II, displays this capitulationist and conformist stance, although some of the qualities of certain "characters" are to be embraced and appreciated -- WHEN SUCH HONORABLE ATTRIBUTES GO TOWARDS SERVING OUR COLLECTIVE INTERESTS AS DID FOLKS SUCH AS HARRIET TUBMAN, FRED HAMPTON, SR. AND OTHERS WHOM WE MUST UPHOLD AS THEY REPRESENT EXEMPLARY FIGURES IN WHICH THEY DESERVE TO BE AND ARE HISTORICALLY PERCEIVED.
Just "how many" of those who are "willing and ready" to fight --"BLOOD & DEATH!" -- for the white male ruling class (WHITE SUPREMACY) are prepared to give that degree of sacrifice fo Black liberation, security and our general development in terms of engaging those forces responsible for our oppression via racism, colonialism, patriarchy and capitalism? No, most aren't of the "Micah Johnson"' mode or orientation, but admire the "Colin Powell" mode -- i.e., COWARDLY SUBMISSION TO THE STATUS QUO AS THEY DUTIFULLY SLAUGHTER OTHER OPPRESSED FOLKS IN KOREA, VIETNAM, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, ETC.
Our sense of loyalty, if truth and logic are our guiding principles, is to go to OURSELVES, in the sense of deep commitment towards pursuing and protecting the New Afrikan Nation's (i.e., Balck folks in Amerika, as opposed to the misnomer "Black American" or "African-American") fundamental interests as defined in the context of our STRATEGIC PRIORITIES -- "LAND, SELF-DETERMINATION and INDEPENDENCE." The notion that somehow "WE" owe patriots duty to this country, is not only silly, but importantly, it operates to "turn things on its head" or "right -side up" as the reality is, it is this country that is enormously indebted to... US!

The ancestors, Kunta Kinte and Muhammad Ali, had it absolutely right by their stern resistance since each understood that "he whom defines reality, has the power!" Let us, thus, DEFINE FOR OURSELVES THE REALITY IN WHICH WE EXIST AND BEST REPRESENTS OUR INTERESTS, AS IT THERE ALONE, WHENCE OUR BASIS OF EFFECTIVE POWER RESIDES...

"It's got to be to be one of the most basic principles of living: ALWAYS DECIDE WHO YOUR ENEMIES ARE FOR YOURSELF, and NEVER LET YOUR ENEMIES CHOOSE YOUR ENEMIES FOR YOU."
-Assata Shakur

By: Joe (A'Jene) Valentine
Centinela state PrisonP.O. Box 921 (A3-224)
Imperial, CA 92251


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