Dec. 12, 2020

The Wretched.......Know Your Enemies, From Your Friends

From Radical Illuminations by Joe L. Valentine (author's profile)


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"Know Your Enemies, from Your Friends"

"... That is the made-for-TV version of the CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. It perpetuates the MYTH that the primary function of the SYSTEM is to keep our streets safe and our homes secure by rooting out dangerous criminals and publishing them. These television shows, especially those that romanticize drug-law enforcement, are modern-day equivalents of the old movies portraying happy slaves, the fictional gloss placed on a BRUTAL SYSTEM OF RACIALIZED OPPRESSION AND CONTROL."
-Michelle Alexander
(The New Jim Crow, p. 59)

Yep, just like the MYTH that the United States military, where it has HUNDREDS of BASES established around the world, is somehow "fighting to protect our freedom," when the reality is, there aren't any nations on this planet which are "threatening to take American's freedom," but are really defending themselves from Amerika's history of' 'Manifest Destiny," i.e., how this Empire preys on "weaker" nations in order to steal their natural wealth, etc. Illusions die real hard, for the MILLIONS in this country BRAINWASHED by the LIES ingrained in their heads via the ruling class's indoctrination centers referred to as "schools" or the "educational process."

"One Bad Apple"
I know we've all probably heard the relevant sayings: "One bad Apple, can ruin the whole bunch" and "The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree!"? Yes, the "tree" being symbolic and indicative of the ROOT, i.e., the very essence from whence the "lone-apple" originates or fell. That's the nature of what we're actually confronted with, in terms of the ORIENTATION which is systematically ingrained and promoted--i.e., REINFORCED--as regards Law Enforcement across the FASCIST-AUTHORITARIAN BOARD. All else is... ILLUSION! There is no doubt, as I've indicated previously, that during the Nazi Germany genocidal onslaught there existed some "good" and "caring" Nazis, in the sense of some folks actually being under, or rather, not under, the BRAINWASHING IDEOLOGIES, but merely feigned conformity for purposes of self-preservation since "standing out like a sore thumb," could be a very serious or dangerous problem under conditions where the vast majority around you dutifully swim in authoritarian compliance, just as is the case when it comes to Law Enforcement Officers in the United States.
It's a basic and simple fact, that under every oppressive order there were/are those whom morally oppose the status quo, as I am sure was the case when our ancestors were being made to endure the barbarity that was slavery. Yes, there were also "good" and "caring" Overseers since for some, it was simply a matter of "economics," i.e., they, too, were born into a manufactured "reality" that was constructed via the "powers that be," powers which created the socio-economic and political conditions for even "Overseers" to "get in, where they fit in" or "sink or swim," in terms of not succumbing to poverty by doing what you feel that you must do, under the circumstances available.
Of course, their behavior and opportunistic thinking was definitely at the huge expense of Black folks, and for that, those of this nature are to be condemned. In other words, even as there are those of this nature or "good" and "caring" people on a moral level, let us not ever be blind to the fact that, unless their "goodness" and "caring" goes beyond mere moral identification and showing empathy or sympathy, that such ONLY amounts to nothing of real value as far as not being a committed and active participant, however covertly, in the undermining or elimin ation of those oppressive institutions which are responsible for the degradation and exploitative domination of peoples lives, just as are today's modern-day "Plantations," called Prisons. We are reminded, that the U.S. Constitution does in fact deem and designate those whom are imprisoned, as constituting a class of "SLAVES."
My basic point is, particularly and especially as directed to those among US whom persist, NAIVELY, yelling or taking the incorrect position that "there are 'good' and 'caring' Law Enforcement Officers," is this:


There are folks whom "look like US," whom have WILLINGLY CHOSEN their side and identify their INTERESTS to be totally in align with their "brothers" and "sisters" in Green or Blue Uniforms, PERIOD! No, for their like "We're Not All In This Together!" Yes, "their job,'" is definitely more important than "you!" This fact, is made bare across the globe, where we continually observe those of the "Badge" or "Shield" engaged in TARGETING and CONTROLLING mainly who? Yep, it's ever "The Wretched," whom are on Law Enforcement's radar of thorough repression. This shouldn't be any real surprise since it's the very nature of their function, WHY THEY EXIST, and an 'OATH SWORN OF."
Just recently, this permanent truth was shown--"ALL AROUND THE WORLD, SAME SONG"--by the fact of hoy the former Chief of Police in Rochester, New York, a "Black Face, White Masks," collaborator, was found to have attempted to "cover-up" the outright MURDER of Daniel Prude. And, what did the Mayor over there say: "I failed," i.e., I, too, became an unprincipled and willing PAWN IN THEIR GAME as a career-motivated Uncle Tom a complacent and colluding AGENT for the Amer ikan White Male Supremacist Ruing Class. No, what folks like her really mean, is: I GOT CAUGHT AND MY TREACHEROUS NATURE WAS EXPOSED. These type of "Black Face, White Masks," are ubiquitous amongst us and they are that opportunistic breed that Frantz Fanon, in his brilliant and classic texts "The Wretched of the Earth" and "Black Face, White Masks," WARNS US OF.
This, of course, is nothing "new," and shall persist or exist as long as our opportunistic species survives since there'll always be those "WHO LOOK US," but who are really colluding "Buffalo Soldiers," "Red Tails" and "Harlem Hell Fighters," i.e., those who've bought into the deception, if y'all catch my drift ...? We must cease PLAYING WITH and ENTERTAINING ILLUSIONS. This is what our true leader was emphasizing to us in The Wretched of the Earth. Read this book and that of "Meditations on Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth."
Yes, truly, the ENEMY is WITHIN! They approach US with "smiles," "handshakes," "carrots," etc., but they're ever subordinate to their masters' programs and agendas, ask Colin Powell, Susan Rice, Barrack Obama, Kamala Harris, Eric Holder, Condi Rice, etc., etc. Even the "radical" Liberal, Michelle Alexander, in her book "The New Jim Crow," speaks of the "Black Face, White Masks," whom took full advantage of the sacrifices made mainly by "the wretched," in order to advance and secure their own livelihoods-- AT OUR DAMN COST. Just study the insightful book by Robert Allen, whom also thoroughly exposes those amongst us, especially and particularly as regards those of the MIDDLE and MINISCULE Black Upper classes.
The pattern is the exact same and can be anticipated in ALL fields of Law Enforcement, unless you play the willful fool! I wonder, did the "Black" Prison Guard, whom dutifully executed his orders, report what transpired with regards to the brutally racist measures committed on July 20, 2020, via repressive agents screaming "Fuck Black Lives?" Did he notify any Federal Agencies, speak with the press, etc.? Did he later or right-on-the-spot quit his damn job in protest? That's a true "Black" person and/or righteous ally whom genuinely cares about "the wretched," and whom has a "good" heart, i.e., a person whom is of a high character, motivated by uncompromising principles rooted in justice, one prepared to give unselfish sacrifice, etc., etc.
Without that level of and depth of commitment, from all quarters or walks of life, to include New Afrikan/Black Prisoners, we'll go on losing! What must be recognized, is that, in fact, "THERE IS A METHOD, TO THEIR MADNESS," as far as the repressive measures taken at Soledad Prison on July 20, 2020. One of their immediate aims was to "remind y'all" whose in charge--i.e., to exert a degree of FORCE--so as to "shake shit up," i.e., to cause FEAR and SOW DIVISIONS amongst those whom are inclined to "break-wide."
However, what they also managed to display, as is actually happening across this racist country, is their FEAR! They recognize what's truly on the "horizon," as far as OUR FOLKS and others by the MILLIONS being ardently resistant to institutions rooted in and geared towards oppressive domination and naked racist violence. It's called "gettin' ahead of the game," i.e., they're engaged in "PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKES!" The same was true as regards their reactionary measures post-Civil Rights and the Black Power Movements, and indeed that of their deeply draconian responses, however cloaked, in terms of when our folks and others "went-up" in the 1992 L.A. Rebellion. They're ever making assessments and readjusting their strategies and tactics since they KNOW and REALIZE conditions shall continually "spark major revolts," i.e., based on the dynamics of this DYING SYSTEM (I.E., EMPIRE) of oppression and exploitation there's simply really nothing much they can do, those at the apex of this Monster, but to direct Law Enforcement and the Military to quell our uprisings.
Let the wise and politically perceptive of us ever remember, that it was those of the "Democratic Party," Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, etc., etc., whom implemented some of the harshest and race-based policies which directły TAR GETED Black and Brown communities, while defining our people as "Super-Preda tors," as they ushered in the "Anti-Terrorist Act," and much more legal measures towards increased control and confinement of especially "People of Color," i.e., their program of intense repression deliberately concentrated on those of our REBELLIOUS LOWER and WORKING CLASSES.
As I previously indicated, those of the "Badge" and indeed at the pinnacle of this society, actually do possess deep FEAR as far as our potential for seri ous and advanced organization on a sustained level, however positive and nonthreatening, that actually is THE threat! We understand "human psychology" and deal with folks amongst ourselves whom are "all image," i.e., masquerading cowards depending on their "gang." Law Enforcement and their ruling classes are no damn different, but, of course, with one crucial distinction which we are obliged to ever take-to-heart: THEY ARE ORGANIZED AND TRAINED, EVEN AS THEY HAVE AN INTELLIGENCE APPARATUS IN WHICH TO RELY UPON AS FAR AS "UNCLE TOMS" AND "RATS" AMONGST US, FROM HERE TO GENERAL SOCIETY. "BEWARE!"

As I previously indicated, with regards to one of the main motives for the recent July 20, 2020 blatantly racist-repressive measures directed at the TWO HUNDRED Of so African-American Prisoners at Soledad State Prison due to Prison Guards/Prison Officials concern that support for the "Black Lives Matter" movement would be expressed there, their goal was to "shake shit up" because of FEAR! When it comes to Black male detainees and inmates the historical pattern has been and thus is evidence for Law Enforcement that under certain conditions it is "US," whom stand-up and fight for our civil and human rights. Thus, they, having "learned the lessons" of history, have a "play-book" which they follow towards preventing certain actions from developing...
Yes, their "Operational orientation" and "tactical procedures" demands of them to engage in what they consider to be "preventative measures," so as to maintain control via intel-gathering, searches, threats, intimidation, excessive or abusive force, etc. They believe that such "preventative measures" are in order as a means of "dissuading" people from expressing their discontent with regards to issues that might infuriate them, even as, evidently, what they fail to calculate or rather discount, is how their provocative steps can in fact have the "opposite effect," i.e., their over-reaction and disrespectful attitudes can and often does actually cause detainees/inmates to become embittered and thus to take an interest in the very matters Law Enforcement Officials have an unfounded concern about, feel me!?
Most of them are, just like a typical "gang," under the 'herd-mentality," i.e., they're merely doing what they've been ordered to do and feel that they must do since they'll definitely be perceived and treated a certain way for failure to "engage." Now, don't get me wrong, since, of course, there are ALWAYS that "hardcore" group, like in any other "gang," who are eagerly prepared to and get real satisfaction when it involves "engaging" detainees/inmates, as that's just the reason for them choosing to join the FORCE."
At any rate, as the definitely apt saying "Know Your Enemies, from Your Friends," instructs and reminds us, it is crucial that we realize that, in the final analysis, human beings are "POLITICAL ANIMALS," in the sense of how every social system is set-up in a way to whereby groups pursue and defend THEIR OWN INTERESTS, even at the expense of the interests of others.

To be continued...

By: Joe A'Jene Valentine


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