April 25, 2011

Obedience in Prison

by Patrick Rathsack (author's profile)


Obedience In Prison

Prison is a place full of rebellion. The very nature of a criminal is to push beyond the boundaries imposed in him. Because of this tendency, people are surprised when I follow the rules in this place. Are you wondering what guides my actions? I have three main motivations for obeying those in authority over me.

The first reason I have for obeying the authorities is that I have some hope I will be released one day. I have a life sentence. This sentence means that I will not be released unless either my lack of guilt is proven or the parole board grants me a date. Both of these possibilities will be lost to me forever if I create a record of misbehavior during my incarceration. Obeying the rules helps to keep my dreams of freedom intact.

More importantly; the second reason I have for obeying the authorities is that it makes life easier on me. I have never had a disciplinary action taken against me in the entire eleven years I have been locked up. I have continually maintained all the privileges available to me. On the few occasions when I wanted help from staff members they have been more inclined to give it to me because I have a good record. Also, it greatly reduces my stress level to follow the rules. I do not have to worry about being caught at some misbehavior. It is sometimes hard to follow the rules or to do what I am told to when I disagree. But, by doing so I minimize the negative feelings and consequences I experience.

The most important reason I have for obeying the authorities is because it is necessary for my Christian walk. The Bible teaches that all authority comes from God. Because of this fact I know He has placed people over me. I am required as a follower of Jesus to submit to their rule. When I disobey them it negatively effects my relationship with God. Another ill effect of my rebellion is that it harms my testimony. If people see me wilfully breaking rules they will doubt my faith and God's power. Obeying the rules allows me to walk empowered by God so that others can see the light of Christ in me.

In conclusion, I am motivated by my hope to be released, by my desire to make life easier on myself, and by my Christian walk. These three points greatly shape my life. They encourage me to follow the rules imposed on me and to obey my captor's commands. Now you know what guides my actions as I obey those in authority over me.



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grace Posted 8 years, 9 months ago. ✓ Mailed 8 years, 8 months ago   Favorite
WOW...your writing is solid. You have a solid line of reasoning, a grabbing introduction and a summary conclusiion. Great job.


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