May 20, 2011

Black Fire

From Radical Illuminations by Joe L. Valentine (author's profile)


Black Fire

A cogent and radical theory for a world communal order

Part One

*Written by Joe (Okera) Valentine*

"Ancient Kemet/Egpyt was; ruled rationally, without superstition,' by a corps of men recruited for their morality and required to undergo rigorous initiation and training. The writing system of Kemet represented ideas, not sounds. In the 18th century Freemasons; appear to have been especially interested in Kemet because, following ancient traditions, they believed it to be the home of geometry and masonry. With the formation of speculative masonry, at the turn of the 18th cent., they drew on Rosicrucianism and Bruna to establish a 'two-fold' philosophy. This philosophy entailed superstitions and limited religions for the masses, but for the Illuminati, a return to the natural and pure original religion of Kemet, from the debris of which all the others had been created.
Kemetian Mythology was essentially made up of allegories for the movement of constellations, and Christianity is merely a collection of misunderstood fragments of this grand Egyptian tradition. Kemetian religious philosophy was principally concerned not with the ephemeral, material world of 'becoming with its growth and decay, but, with the immortal (eternal) realm of being which was especially manifested in numbers, geometry and astronomy. Modifications and misunderstandings of this religion by foreigners resulted in a distortion, and tampering of original religious beliefs. Those deviations, whether radical or slight, contributed to a remove from the TRUE practice."
(On Iris and Osiris, mystery cult)

Do y'all recall James Baldwin's classic book whose dynamic title portended and admonished of "The Fire the Next Time...?" Well, it's HERE!
"Nowhere, to my knowledge, does pre-colonial Afrika show any example of a land system which allows for PRIVATE RIGHTS, and which one could thus describe as 'feudal'. Perhaps this is not true of the state created by colonialization, where the privileges of chiefdom have been maintained, and at the same time it has been made easy for private landed property to come into existence for the benefit of the chiefly caste."
-Jean Suret-Canale
(Essays on African History, p. 15)
Now, the above quote points out the fact the Eurocentric dialectical materialist (historical materialism) scheme as to the claim of linear socio-economic development (e.g. primitive communalism to slave-based social systems to feudalism and hither to that or capitalism) based upon inherent and prevailing contradictory phenomena CANNOT hardly be applied nor approached as a universal formula, i.e. as a rule set in stone for ALL societies.
In reality, PRIOR to colonialization (i.e. alien economic, cultural, political, ideological and philosophical social invasions by Semites and Indo-Aryans) the ubiquitous and predominant ethos of the Black Afrikan orbit was one rooted in and motivated by communalism, i.e. a collective egalitarian ethic and practice of an exemplary nature. Afrikan social orders in the main were built upon and geared toward conditions which reflected and corresponded to HARMONY, i.e. Afrikan's endeavored imperfectly to exist in high accordance with the laws of nature and for the cosmos.
However, on the opposite end of the spectrum are especially those of the white (European) regions whose predominant and ubiquitous ethos are rooted in and motivated by extreme individualism, i.e. alienation domination of land as "private property" - Feudalism and capitalism and materialism ("stuff") raised to the pinnacle of ethical behavior.
"...the meridional cradle, confined to the African continent in particular, is characterized by the matriarchal family, the creation of the territorial state, in contrast to the Aryan city-state, the emancipation of woman in domestic life, xenophilic, cosmopolitanism, a sort of social collectivism having as corollary tranquility going as far as unconcern for tomorrow, a material solidarity of right for each individual, which makes moral or material misery unknown to the present day; there are people living in poverty, but no one feels alone and no one is in distress. In the moral domain, it shows an idea of peace, of justice, of goodness and an optimism which eliminates all notions of guilt or original sin in religious and metaphysical institutions..."
- Dr. Cheikh A. Diop
(The Cultural Unity of Black Africa, p. 164)
"The Northern cradle, confined to Greece and Rome, is characterized by the patriarchal family, by the city-state (there was between two cities, said Fustel de Coulanges, something more impassable than a mountain); it is easily seen that it is on contact with the Southern world that the Northerners broadened their conception of the territorial state, elevating themselves to the idea of a territorial state and of an empire. The particular character of these city-states, outside of which and was an outlaw, developed an internal patriotism, as well as xenophobia. Individualism, moral and material solitude, a disgust for existence, all of the subject matter of modern literature, which even in its philosophic aspects is none other than the expression of the tragedy of a way of life going back to the Aryans' ancestors, are all attributes of this cradle.
An idea of war, violence, crime, and conquest, inherited from nomadic life, with as a consequence, a feeling of guilt and sin, which causes pessimistic religious or metaphysical systems to be built, is the special attribute of this cradle..." (Ibid, p.)
IS it really a real wonder exactly why capitalism as a most imbalanced system of exploitation, oppression, war - e.g. Iraq slaughter, Afghanistan carnage, 2011 white supremacist - imperialists murderous calculations of "humanitarian" subterfuge aimed at the Qaddafi regime for OIL, et al - individualism, racism, patriarchy, and domination originated and emerged in the white world after having read the above quote?
I mean, if we're to be perfectly consistent with the analytical demands of historical materialism as to the matter of how conditions (i.e. dynamic factors) play the ultimate and decisive role with regards to WHAT and HOW peculiar socio-economic, political-cultural, moral, scientific, technological and corresponding ideo-philosophical phenomena develops, it is precisely and especially THERE in the ancient and medieval WHITE WORLD the ideal reality for the rise of the parasitical war-driven materialist, (i.e. Indo-Aryan) in terms of slave-based, Feudal - and that reality dealt by the quote of Diop - type development rooted profoundly in exploitation, sexism, warfare, invasions, xenophobia, individualism and extreme materialism in a concept (LAW) of private property.
Since CAPITALISM's fundamental contradictions is that of "ANARCHY," quite naturally one is obliged to conclude this ruinous anarchy has PRIOR SOURCE and it is thus my argument that as nothing rises out of a vacuum that the anarchy of capitalism is in fact a direct reflection of, and consequential to, the worldview and collective ethos of the Indo-Aryan.
In other words, the anarchy of capitalism is born of and related to the peculiar mentality of the white world as made evident in Western civilizations ethics, morals, traditions, religious outlooks, social structures, ideologies, etc, etc.
Again Diop,
"...Consequently, it is by referring to the respective cradles of the Aryans and the Meridionals, that one can understand this divergence in the contents of the human consciousness which should apparently should be one, uniform. It has already been seen that, in passing from south to North, geography, climate, and the conditions of existence effectively reversed the moral values, which become opposed to each other like the two poles: every defect here is a virtue there. It is by remembering the criteria of the war-like northern morality particularly of the Aryan Germans, a morality necessitated by the conditions of life, that one can understand the slow formation, through contact with antagonistic outside influences, of a feeling of moral unease terminating in the idea of guilt among some of them, of sin among others, both specifically Northern sentiments, although collective. Nietzsche was therefore right in making criminality and sin a constitutional component of the Aryan conscience..."
- Ibid., pp. 179-180
"...To the mediocrity of living conditions offered by nature, the Northerners responded by religious conceptions of a meager nature, strongly imprinted with materialism. They had so to speak, no reason to be grateful to this, hostile nature..."
-Ibid., p. 164
To regards to the application of the requirements of historical materialism, we discern from the above quotes that in terms of the evolution and expression of collective consciousness the germination fo WORLDVIEW, IDEOLOGY, and CULTURAL RESPONSE toward NATURE, i.e. the emergence of a SUPERSTRUCTURE and reaction toward the environment in terms of ECONOMIC RELATIONS. Just as today's socio-economic, political, and cultural phenomena (e.g. capitalism) are related to and built upon previous foundations or stages, so too, are the IDEO-PHILOSOPHICAL perspectives of today (e.g. capitalism, private property, alienation form nature in materialism and domination, et al) directly related to and built upon previous WORLDVIEWS and IDEOLOGIES and it is thus on this basis that capitalism originates in the Northern cradle.
No, capitalism did not emerge of its own will or "independent of human will," but in fact it originated and today evolves as a direct result of CONSCIOUS decisions and undertakings pursued and theorized by HUMAN AGENTS of Europe, i.e. there was a definite interplay between human experience with objective reality and that of the interrelated human mind in terms of conceiving systematic capitalism. The worldview and cultural ethos of a people play an enormous role in the manner of WHAT and HOW... POLITICAL and ECONOMIC CHOICES and INTERESTS are perceived and pursued and realized naturally under those circumstances in which people are subjected to or confronted with in terms of the natural world.
Again, the archaic Indo-Aryan worldview and ethos is at the base of and led to thought and hence behavioral patterns to whereby NATURE and HUMAN BEINGS are DEVALUED and approached from the standpoint of OBJECTIFICAITON, MASTERY OVER and INTENSE EXPLOITATION toward PRIVATE or INDIVIDUALIST ENDS or GAINS, I.E. the survival of the fittest mentality and value system becomes normalized and elevated. In a word, the nature of such a psychology amounts to SEVERE DEVIATION and ESTRANGEMENT from the LAWS OF NATURE or the UNIVERSAL PARADIGMATIC PATTERNS OF REALITY.
Now, in reference to the quote cited by the author Jean Suret-Canale as far as his work revealing the fact that the Marxist theory of social development as to the atter of a supposed "universal" schema of human societies beginning with primitive communalism and proceeding on a transitory basis to slave-based social systems (e.g. Greece, Rome, et al), feudalism and capitalism, as we are able to discern that as particularly applied to PRE-COLONIAL AFRIKA, this Eurocentric historical materialist formulation or the assumptions of this scientific method of dialectical analysis is in total error with regards to conclusions supporting a theory of feudalism - even slaved-based societies of the nature of Rome - in Afrika. I'd thus pose an important question here which is that as the Eurocentric Marxist analysis and theoretical conclusions have been confirmed to be inaccurate in the case of feudalism having purportedly developed in Afrika, then, might it be wise of us not to uncritically just accept the analytical approach and derivate conclusions as regards the Eurocentric materialist or Leftist understandings and generalized assumptions advanced and applied toward the evolution and practical function of RELIGION in the Afrikan context as well?
"...Certainly the idea of the sequence: 'primitive communism, slavery, feudalism', although widespread in Marxist literature, did not help us in our research. This conception had been vulgarised and imposed in a particularly dogmatic manner, by Stalin in his work Dialectical Materialism and Historical Materialism, which stated the sequence without any justification on either logical or historical grounds. All the same, one must not exaggerate its influence; I for my part have always been convinced - and the most superficial examination of traditional African societies lends evidence to support it - that this schema is not applicable to tropical Africa."
(Essays on African History, pp.1-2)
To re-emphasize, the same vulgarisation as to Eurocentric materialist conceptions of Afrikan societies in terms of RELIGIONS has been consistently "imposed in a particularly dogmatic manner" by those on the Left, i.e. Marxist or communist and anarchist whom conceive of and approach Afrikan religions purely and invariably from the standpoint of cultural relativism in the sense of attempting to transfer Europe's religious development and extremely oppressive religions (e.g. Roman Catholic Church, et al) experiences onto Afrika. In the realm of theory, both (what Stalin and others did as to the arbitrary imposition of the Marxist schema onto Afrika) are to my mind expressions of white supremacy, i.e., analysis and method professed to be "universal" and unquestionable.
I mean, should we accept that like religions within the European context that Afrikan religions, too, functioned as oppressive and exploitative appendages of the state, i.e. a ruling class instrument of psychological and devious social control in the manner of the Roman Catholic Church and Constantine simply because Eurocentric materialist (Leftist) declares such to be the case? The primary reason I raise this matte ris because it is crucial for radical communalist (I mean by this, EGALITARIAN POWER and COLLECTIVE ECONOMICS) to realize on the geopolitical and strategic plane as regards our protracted contest with white supremacy and its child capitalism-imperialism by our arrogantly and unwisely outright repudiating and assailing the essential value of SCIENTIFICALLY-BASED and EVOLVED RELIGION, we not only greatly deprive the masses of an AUTHENTIC and PRACTICAL approach and method toward realization of DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of reality, but significantly; we DENY OURSELVES an ideological-philosophical system in which to employ and promote so as to counteract and in time uproot our resolute strategic foes of the multinational ruling classes.
"Egyptians were the greatest realist that ever lived. Their real quest was to experience only what is real. Reality was indeed loyalty."
-Gerald Massey
(Ancient Egypt: Light of the World, p. 242)
"He pointed out that many pseudo-scholars placed an undue emphasis on ancient Egyptian mysticism, magic, and religious rituals as part of an exercise in creating false images and fictionalized distortions. This was also the fault of many Eurocentric scholars, who, coming from a liberal arts background, were incapable of understanding the complexities of ancient Egyptian mathematics, science, and technology in addition to its sacred philosophy and rituals."
-Diop, p. 24
(Great African Thinkers)
As a person whom for years was under the blinding spell of Eurocentric atheistic dogma in the form of Marxism, I've come to the inexorable and reasoned conclusion that it is a serious miscalculation for radical communalist to simply condemn or write-off as pure "superstition" (i.e. pre-scientific irrationality) religion which rest upon and is motivated or guided by a SCIENTIFIC approach and theory toward reality, and hence I argue that although Eurocentric rational materialist (e.g. Communist, Anarchist, et al) think and trust that they've somehow formulated the "magnum opus" with regard to providing an analytical tool toward theoretically investigating and grasping socio-economic, cultural and political phenomenon from the standpoint of prevailing and inherent contradictions; in truth, this system and approach is impoverished and perniciously incomplete, i.e. dialectical materialism is inadequate for the enormous psychological and strategic task before us to build a world communal order.
My basic argument is that the postulation of a "unity of opposites" (i.e. duality) in which materialist dialectics rest and treat as the magic formula or golden egg for revolutionary success (i.e. the inevitable supersession of capitalism-imperialism according to the laws of inherent contradictions of the system itself) fails to recognize that it, too, perpetuates and validates "divisions" or "distinctions" by fostering the conditions for a "false consciousness." In other words, dialectical materialism does not go far enough or guide us toward the logical conclusion in which to be inevitably arrived at based upon a truly deeper scientific approach and that is this basic fact:

By this, I mean to say that in truth the theory of a unity of opposites or dualities is in an ultimate sense UNTRUE and rooted in a PURE ILLUSION as modern science nor physics (e.g. M-Theory) has confirmed. Yes, at bottom dualities spring (or sprung) from NON-DUALITY. True scientific oriented religion is geared precisely toward revealing or teaching this greater knowledge (wisdom) of reality and by materialist dialectics being rigidly rooted in a worldview which dictates perceiving and hence treating reality (i.e. nature or the universe) as an amalgamation of "mutually exclusive" dueling independent extreme individualism in private domain functionality - fragments of matter in motion it serves as an additional psychological barrier in which to overcome as far as functioning to promote and reinforce FALSE notions of other forms of "CLASS DIVISIONS" or "CLASS DISTINCTIONS" which in fact DO NOT prevail or exist (only in terms of forms) in nature, i.e. physical reality is an INDISTINGUISHABLE process and its manifest-forms merely "appear" to be contradictory in nature or based upon duality.
If human beings worldview is based upon a dichotomized objective reality - to the extreme degree of even severing the "spirit" from nature in some fanciful minds - where domains are divided and treated based upon value perception (i.e., hierarchy and utility merit), then, is it really a wonder how and why this approach toward reality is inevitably transposed onto human affairs or societies in the form of sexism, racism, classism, colonialism, et al?
"...As the fabric continues to shrink, the temperature rises unabated, as does the density of the primordial plasma. As we imagine running the clock backward from the age of the presently observed universe, about 15 billion years, the universe as we know it is crushed to an even smaller size. The matter making up everything - every car, house, building, mountain on earth; the earth itself; the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and every other planet; the sun and every other star in the milky way; the Andromeda galaxy with its 100 billion stars and each and every other of the more than 100 billion galaxies - is squeezed by a comic vise to astounding density. And the clock is turned back to even earlier times, the whole of the cosmos is compressed to the size of an orange, a lemon, a pea, a grain of sand, and to yet a tinier size still..." - The Elegant Universe, p. 82
"I think that a reformulation of quantum mechanics which will resolve many of its puzzles is just around the corner. I think many share the view that the recently uncovered dualities point toward a new more geometrical framework for quantum mechanics, in which space, time, and quantum properties will be inseparably joined together."
-Cumrun Vafa

As is now accepted and confirmed the four forces of the Universe (gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear forces) are theoretically understood and treated as symmetries: equivalence, principle, gauge symmetry, etc. Still, further, scientists have accepted and confirmed that each of these theories (e.g. special and general relativity, et al) actually MERGE into and thus represent ONE REALITY.
"Georgi, Quinn, and Weinberg took this realization and ran with it to a remarkable end. They showed that when these effects of the quantum frenzy are carefully accounted for, the net result is that the strengths of all three nongravitational forces are driven together. Whereas the strengths of these forces are very different on sales accessible to current technology, Georgi, Quinn, and Weinberg argued that this difference is actually due to the different effect that the haze of microscopic quantum activity has on each force. Their calculations showed that if this haze is penetrated by examining the forces not on everyday scales but as they act on distances of about a hundredth of a billionth of a billionth (10^29) of a centimeter (a mere factor of ten thousand larger than the Planck length), the three nongravitational force strengths appear to become equal."
The fourth force, gravity, is merged with the three nongravitational forces by what is known as the gravitation. Thus, we discern here that in a basic and ultimate sense there are no "class divisions" or "class distinctions" as to reality, and hence the idea of a "class struggle" or "class warfare" is ALIEN and inapplicable to reality, i.e. "class struggle" is actually based upon HUMAN BEINGS social, economic, and political FALSE constructs which due to their laws being DEVIATIONS from NATURE amount to ARTIFICIALITIES rooted in UNNATURAL and INTENSE human PSYCHOLOGICAL ANTAGONISMS.
In a word, human exploitation, economic monopoly, practices of private property and profit motive for accumulation, alienation-domination in the form of patriarchy, racism, colonialism, neo-colonialism (imperialism), slavery, militarism, et al are due to a truly DISTORTED WORLDVIEW and CULTURAL PATHOLOGY that births human beings whom exist and function on the basis of destructive ideological frameworks.
"However, neither all the aristocratic hierarchies nor the development of the state, are able to modify the rules concerning land. G.V. Kabore says of the Mossi aristocracy: 'Their authority was exercised upon men and goods, without reaching landed property itself, which remained the prerogative of the indigenous people."
(African History: From the Slave Trade to Neo-Colonialism, p.14)
"If Egypt... belongs to the AMP, it belongs to the most brilliant civilizations of the Metal Age, during the time when man definitively breaks away from the economy of the soil, passes to dominating nature, and invests new forms of agriculture, architecture, mathematics, writing, commerce, currency, law, religions, etc. The AMP, therefore, does not mean stagnation, but rather the greatest progress accomplished on the basis of communal forms of production."
- Maurice Godelier

It is thus ONLY on the basis of a destructive and repressive (i.e. reactionary) ideo-philosophical framework (of many diverse and negative forms) that "matters of matter" (material wealth in power over antagonisms) are understood and approached from the standpoint of MASTERY OVER as opposed to HARMNOIZATION, i.e. the energy-matter dynamic in which ALL of existence ie but ONE expressed in seemingly differentiating forms is understood and treated from the standpoint of alienation-domination toward the arrogantly and pathetic disregard and unnecessary ruinous peril of us all!
I propose that SCIENTIFIC ORIENTED (through and through) RELIGION (and/or SACRED SCIENCE be deployed via cultivated and deeply devoted CADRE (i.e.* Ankobia) rooted in a RADICAL COMMUNALIST WORLDVIEW and EGALITARIAN POWER ETHOS with the strategic aim of imbuing the hearts and minds of the masses with an understanding of reality. (Life and the natural order) which conditions and inspires in them a profound desire and inclination to engage in POLITICAL STRUGGLES toward the elimination of the artificial humanmade CHAOS as exemplified by those socioeconomic, cultural, and political values and deviant constructs in which prevail and persist due to default so as to give birth to those foundational principles required for the wise and justly due emergence of universal egalitarianism as is the NATURAL WAY.
"Once gravity is included in the framework, all possible observational vantage points are on a completely equal footing. Beyond the intrinsic aesthetic appeal of this egalitarian treatment of all motion, we have seen these symmetry principles played a pivotal role in the stunning conclusions regarding gravity that Einstein found.
(The Elegant Universe, p.170)


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