Aug. 11, 2012
by Andy Blackmore (author's profile)




Dear Blog:

Hi! Sorry I've been ignoring you! I decided to take a short summer vacation from everything and re-group, relax, and reinvigorate.

I hope my faithful readers haven't missed me too much. To be honest, I didn't miss this. I was B-U-S-Y! My vacation was just a lot of catching up and before I knew it, the 15th was here.

So how did I spend my vaca? I worked on my tan. I read a BUNCH of books, dreamed of Milford, listened to my new CD's and watched a goober-load of TV.

1 BOOKS: I HIGHLY recommend: SCAR TISSUE by Antheny Kiedis. He is a master lyricist, amazingly talented singer, actor, all around, dude and a 1st rate story teller too!

Crazy For The Storm by Norman Ollestad. This is a fantastic artobio by Ollstad outlining his youth in Topanga Canyon, loss of his Father in 1979 and evolves into how he's raising his own son. Masterfully told! A home run!

Atlas shrugged by Ayn Rand. A must read for vacations (its over 1000 pages) and it is as valuable and petinent today as it was in 1957. A great re-read.

Did you know that "The Rifleman" starring chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford and Payl fix is back on TV? They re-issued adigitally remastered FULL SERIES in 2011 and MeTV is showing 2 episodes every DAY. I loved this show as a boy and I found that I love it even more as a grwon-up. Gee Pawww, can we go to Griffith Park so I can ride the horses like Mark McCain? Purty pleeease? (and MY Dad did take me...THANKS PAW!)

Campaign 2012: Sorry Prez O... You have failed your country. Do not pass go, do not collect another 4 years in office, go home while we still kind of love the idea of you. Thanx 4 tryin!

I got a bunch of new ones. BEST: Soundtrack to the motion picture 'sucker punch! Best soundtrack I've heard since queen's 'Flash Gordan' or The Who's 'Tommy' Buy it/Download it NOW!

Since I recommended ScarTissue by A.K. I would be remiss if I didn't urge you all to go buy/DL Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood-sugar-Sex-Magic or Californification. Red hots at their best yet can;t wait for another release!

TAN: Yes I am. Hair is yellowing, skin feels healthy. Thanx God for another perfect summer!!




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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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