July 2, 2011

Black Fire (Part Three)

From Radical Illuminations by Joe L. Valentine (author's profile)


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Black Fire
(Part Three)

"...the singularity theorem that Roger Penrose and I proved show that the beginning of time would have been a point of infinite destiny and infinite curvature of space-time. All the known laws of science would break down at such a point. One might suppose that there were new laws that held at singularities..."
Stephen Hawking
(A Brief History of Time, p.133)

In terms of the radical communalist strategic objectives (i.e. global communalism), two things of tremendous theoretical and philosophical value immediately stand out from the above quote and these are: 1) It is confirmed by science that reality is ONE - ultimately recollapses to a singularity - and/or NO CLASS DIVISIONS IN TERMS OF ENERGY UNDERLYING CREATION and 2) That "BEYOND" ("HIDDEN" hence mystery) the IMMANENCE in which humans experience in terms of the known natural laws of science remains the probability of "new laws" in which to learn and hence be translated in practical socioeconomic, cultural, technological and political applications.

"...there must have been a big bang singularity provided only that general relativity is correct and the universe contains as much matter as we observe. There was a lot of opposition to our work, partly from the Russians because of their Marxist belief in scientific determinism..."
Ibid., p.50

Although Hawking's later repudiated his theory as regards the matter of "singularity" based upon his calculation of quantum effects, I'd argue that the theory of singularity still holds true in terms of especially and specifically that "hidden" dimension where the laws of physics "break down" beyond the Big Bang, i.e. the FIRST creation PRIOR to matter in motion.

"You are destined for millions of years, a life-time of millions of years. And then I will destroy all that I have made. This land shall return to NU, to the 'inundation'; as it was before the first time. [Only] I shall survive together with Ausar, after I have assumed my form of serpents which men know not and gods see not."

Doesn't the above words sound familiar as regards Western modern scientific theory of the universe "recollapsing", i.e. energy contraction? These words were inscribed THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO by an ancient Afrikan Egyptian (Black Kemetian) astrophysicist or priest-scientist and says much about the so-called or purported theoretical "discoveries" of Western scientists whom argue that the universe will recollapse to form a singularity since in truth such knowledge didn't originate in the Western world. What is most revealing with regards to so-called "modern science", is that many of the scientific theories and "discoveries" attributed to Western scientists such as Hawking, Newton, Hubble, Lemaitre, et al in nascent form can be found in ancient Egyptian-Black civilization, i.e. these revolutionary achievements in fact originate in the intellectual history of the Black world.

The evidence has long been in that ancient Greeks such as Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Democritus et al received their education from the priest-scientists of Kemet and that the scientific achievements attributed to them are actually the built upon theoretical products of Black people.

"According to Democritus and Aristotle, there is no doubt that the Egyptian priests jealously guarded a highly theoretical science behind the thick walls of their temples."
- Cheikh Anta Diop
(Civilization or Barbarism, p.274)

"Science was in the hands of and developed by a body in the service of the state, with which it was born; the clergy, source of science in Egypt, and the state that it serves can therefore not enter into conflict for the sake of science or anti-intellectualism and sectarianism as in continental Greece, in Athens, where Anaxagoras, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all sentenced to death or almost were, because they taught scientific ideas. While the Egyptian religion engendered science, Athenian religious tradition protected itself from science of Egyptian origin, and this very special situation explains the differences in the compared evolution of the Egyptian and Greek societies..."
(Ibid., p.335)

This "highly theoretical science" in which the Egyptians so "jealously guarded" - as it turns out with good perceptive and wise reason made evident by the fact of many years of their invaluable intellectual and technological and observational labor WAS plagiarized by the Western world even as this truth is denied or downplayed - are what were taught to Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Pythagoras, et al and it is thus Black Afrikan theoretical and observational sciences via the Greeks which serve as the definite basis of Western modern sciences. To provide one of many glaring examples of this intellectual theft, let us engage in a comparative analysis of "Lemaitre's" theory of the "Primeval Atom" and that of the ancient Kemetians' PRIOR theory of the "Primordial Ocean" conceptualized as "Nu".

Remember now, the Egyptian theory of the Primeval Atom was in fact formulated by priest-scientists rooted in the most ancient Ausarian religion (spiritual-science) in which "science was in the service of the state", i.e. "...the clergy, source of science in Egypt." First off, it is important to establish that the Greek word "ATOM" (Atomon, meaning "that which cannot be cut"), finds its PRIOR equivalent in the Egyptian term - "ATUM". Atum is a metaphysical archetypal symbol for "God". By "that which cannot be cut", in terms of Egyptian science relates to the fundamental fact that ALL in creation and beyond (meta-physical realm) are EVER intricately interrelated and inextricably interdependent due to embodying ONE ENERGY SOURCE and thus it is not inconceivable and impossible for "DIVISIONS" in reality, but what we perceive as separate and distinct phenomena are in truth merely particular forms of the SAME UNDERLYING ESSENCE manifesting on varying planes in terms of radii quanta.

In other words, whether it is particles, waves, atoms, strings, electromagnetism, gravity, evolution, etc, etc, ALL are actually aspects of the ENERGY-BODY just as the arms, legs, brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. are aspects of the HUMAN-BODY, i.e. natural constitution. Thus, as is evident the supposed "cut" of atoms (e.g. penetration of the subatomic realm) is really a theoretical deeper analytical grasp of the ONE energy continuum in which the multiplicity of phenomena represent as SYMBOLS.

"God has assumed the form of the neteru or Pautti (Company of Gods and Goddesses). These 'neteru' are cosmic forces and energies that sustain the universe and which constitute 'physical matter'. Therefore, this 'physical' universe is in reality the body of God and everything in it is Divine, from the smallest atoms to the largest celestial bodies in the heavens."
- Muata Ashby
(African Religion, p.107)

[diagram of the below concept]
Figure 1. A two dimensional depiction of creation as symbolized by the Trinity of Amun-Ra-Ptah and the Transcendental Self.

In this manner it is understood that creation is an emanation from the Divine and further, that the emanation itself is Divine. There is no separation between God and Creation.
- Ashby

A similar depiction as to how energy ("emanations") is distributed in the universe beginning with the Big Bang is found in the physicist Stephen Hawking's book A Brief History of Time in which it is illustrated how "a pulse of light is emitted at a particular point in space, to demonstrate how as it goes on it will spread out a sphere of light whose size and position are independent of the speed source", Maxwell's equations, it nevertheless goes a long way as a good analogy as regards its comparative juxtaposition with that of ancient Egyptian's two-dimensional depiction of creation in terms of energy (i.e. light/sound) distribution in the various realms of reality.

Thus, we discern that as with "the ripples that spread out on the surface of a pond when a stone is thrown in. The ripples spread out as a circle that gets bigger as time goes on" - Hawking's words - the same applies to energy transmission from the singularity Pa Neter to Amun, from Amun to Ra and from Ra to Ptah, i.e. Physicality. The "pond" in Egyptian metaphysics is that of ENERGY, i.e. the "Primeval Ocean". The "stone" which is "thrown in", which causes the "ripples in the pond", symbolizes the vibratory force (the "WORD") which causes varying degrees of motion as in the case of sound, light, particles, etc.

As "words" are mediUMS of vibratory expressions (e.g. uranium, radium, plutonium, tantanium, helium, deuterium, lithium, beryllium, quantum, et al) in the universe, this is the precise reason Christianity says "In the beginning was the Word", i.e. the Word of God is at the source of the "ripples in the pond" of creation. The "Word" symbolizes MOTION, i.e. the rationally organized emission of dynamic energy across the radii spectra of reality.

"...from a maximum size of many billions of light-years, the universe will shrink to millions of light-years, every moment gaining speed as EVERYTHING is crushed together to the size of a single galaxy, and then to the size of a single star, a planet,and down to the size of a single orange, a pea, a grain of sand, and further, according to general relativity, to the size of a molecule, an atom, and in the final inexorable cosmic crunch to NO SIZE AT ALL."
(The Elegant Universe, p.235)

"When a high-energy gamma ray quantum hits the atoms in our atmosphere, it creates pairs of electrons and positrons (anti-electrons). When these hit other atoms, they in turn create more pairs of electrons and positrons, so one gets what is called an electron shower. The result is a form of light called Cenenkov radiation..."
(Ibid., Hawking, p.111)

The above description is merely concerning degrees of energy distribution in terms of how such functions as a vibratory force ("quantum hits the atoms") to produce a duality of forces which ultimately results in a "form of light". Thus, as is quite clear, "light" is itself a vibratory force, i.e. the "electron shower" is MOTION. Two things are apparent here and they are that "light and sound", like energy and matter and space-time, are in reality the same phenomena. The other is that again, we see the "Word" is the symbol of sound-light and naturally as words are reflections of THOUGHT, creation is thus logically and inescapably a RATIONAL process as made evident via the myriad of elements and cosmic forces. Yes, the chemical and cosmic forces of nature are in a manner of speaking "WORDS" (i.e. creative thought processes) as these are dynamic MEDIUMS of the rationally organized universe.

"The 'Primeval Waters' is a metaphor referring to pure consciousness, unmodified or unconditioned into any particular form in time and space. Through the process of thought, consciousness is able to become whatever it desires, that is, to take on any form by the power of vibration. Vibration causes RIPPLES in the consciousness and these ripples are what constitute movement, shape, color, dimension, sound, light, etc."
(Ibid., Muata Ashby, p. )

From the above quote we immediately discern that not only is consciousness and the Primeval Waters (unformed matter) conceived as identical in nature, but importantly there is NO VALUE DICHOTOMY assigned to one or the other in terms of how Eurocentric Marxism argues that metaphysical science considers consciousness to be the primary source of all that exists and matter as secondary and subordinate, whereas Materialism recognizes the independent existence of MATTER AS DETACHED FROM SPIRIT and considers spirit as secondary and subordinate. (See Mao Tse-tung: 'Dialectical Materialism'.) By this Eurocentric argument two things stand out which operates to undermine dogmatic materialist since these confirm an erroneous and impoverished grasp of advanced Metaphysical Realism, i.e. Afrikan spiritual science.

Firstly, even as Eurocentric Leftist Dialectical Materialism posits a fundamental duality as to nature it is in fact total and injurious ALIENATION which is conceived and imposed by the conceptual approach as represented by Mao Zedong's words where he argues that "SPIRIT" and "MATTER" are... "INDEPENDENT", i.e. "Materialism recognizes the independent existence of matter as detached from spirit and considers spirit as secondary and subordinate." In other words, "matter" is conceived and treated as SEPARATE in SUPREMACY of "spirit". However, this is a totally FALSE or ILLUSORY dichotomy and reflects a form of "class power relation" between that of matter and spirit when in fact these are expressions of a singularity, i.e. the same reality.

To postulate that spirit and matter are "detached", but at the same time recognize and conceive of "consciousness" as being interchangeable with the "spirit", validates the profound misconception and misapprehension in which Eurocentric Leftist have as to the subject of both metaphysics - at least Egyptian metaphysics - and physics since clearly it has long been definitively proven that matter is energy and that energy is nothing more than another term for... SPIRIT. And as Mao concedes "spirit is consciousness", i.e. existence-matter and consciousness-spirit are "ONE-AND-THE-SAME".

The appropriate term is ULTIMATE REALITY in the case of CONSCIOUSNESS as it conceptually connotes precisely what is intended to be understood which is that of the absolute ONENESS of reality in the sense of Supreme (Ultimate = Power/Energy) and Being (Reality = Existence/Matter) symbolizing Pure Consciousness. Logically, consciousness/spirit and matter/energy CANNOT be SUBORDINATE nor SECONDARY to... ITSELF... as the ULTIMATE SOURCE of the REALITY which it IS. For materialism to recognize the "independent existence of matter as detached from the spirit", operates to posit a false and alien argument since how is it possible to "detach matter" from the spirit (i.e. energy) in which it IS by natural law?

Such an theoretical approach or dialectical materialist reasoning is truly "metaphysical", i.e. unrelated to reality and not reflective of an authentic method of analyzation and deduction. I'll return to this clear "contradiction" later. For now, I need to deal with the origin and conceptual meaning of (Atum) in the Egyptian context in order to show the unmistakable parallels between the Greek Atomon (Atom) and that of the Kemetian Atum.

To be continued...

Joe L. Valentine
"URL" 355


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