July 2, 2011

Who's the Real Criminal

From The Modern Blackamoor by Al-Amin Akbar (author's profile)


Who's the real criminal?

I live on a cell block and all day long my prison door stays locked. I've heard many war stories, and how men killed, robbed, died and conquered new territories.
These are places where crooked prison guards smile in your faces society's rejects, throwaways, they call us load us up like sardines and in these dungeons they hall us.
Momas shed tears through the years an expression of how they feel knowin' their sons are locked behind steel
The years go by and the tears dry like old rain from the sky
Madness often cover the atmosphere, but he knows that hostility is the biggest, baddest m_________ around here.
A letter from my princess started a duel with my emotions, I grabbed my ink-pen and moved in the signs of an ocean.
Blood-thirsty politicians play on the minds of Americans that'll listen.
Is this why the poor and oppressed is steadily coming up missing?
If I can get a message to the grave and talk to my moma
I'll tell her my life if f________ up and full of drama.
Hidden agendas, chicanery, and left-handed signs
In to a new dimension, this sh___ has taken my mind.
It's a cold demonstration living in isolation, watching foul-acts traced to premeditation unfolding like sunflowers on a field of vegetation.
I got a heart of fire that burn at my desire, a most high that push my mind higher.
I ask the question who's really a criminal? A thought that burst from a place subliminal.
Was not this country built on crimes? Unspeakable crimes that many would like to erase from their minds? George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both raped because of passion
Remove religion and replace it with homosexual action
Is this what the ______ politician askin'?
When you turn on your T.V. all you get is the western men views, the western men news.
Anger, violence, war
Shutting out the poor
Discrimination against the Blackamoors
The indigenous peoples live in concentration camp known a reservations
Victims of Toubob gangstering their nation
Is every white woman a slut?
do every Black woman have a big butt?
And you'll probably say "Hell N'all"
So rebel, y'all. Against stereo types
that start fights between blacks
and whites.
"Police moves" being pulled all around me,
"Bustaz" plottin' on different ways (that) they can down me.
The administration tellin' lies to knock me on my knees,
But I stand as a man and continue to fight this animosity
All day long the belligerence rolls on -
like warriors on the battlefield
So my mind is my sword, and my courage is my shield.


Al-Amin Akbar
10/18/06 Wed.
3:26 a.m.



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