April 4, 2011

The Soul of a Man: Introduction

by Michael D. Pinner


#1 "The Soul of A Man" Entry date 3-30-2011


Hello world within a world curious to know the unknown, and unknown seeking to be acknowledged for whatever reasons self may only know. Here now I expose you to a child, adult male, turned into "man" that continues to grow. A life book awaiting to be read we all behold, and may share with the world in due time. But since im [I'm] utilizing on a unique opportunity through this world within a world, you'll have the chance to read some of mine.
You may find, adversity, agony, mental torment that can sadden your day. Just as you'll obtain some laughs along with happiness that will make you smile in a very special way.
Overall, life lessons told in a captivating sense, that makes you love or hate. And with my last dollar I bet you will lvoe the real which is I "one who take no parts in the academic's to fake." My ideology is to be great, demonstrating the "six" with the utmost of my ability.
Family, Love, Trust, Peace, Freedom, and Justice, bringing forth human equality.
Michael Serelle Pinner, AKA Chi, which means divine an [and] or complete. I was given life without parole for being a mid-lead young teen


lost within the darkness of those St. Louis, city streets.
I share my soul with the world, and take oath to be truth in flesh. May you take time out to learn of the unknown, and come to overstand [understand] why I refuse to take a infinite rest, this is my: Introduction...

"The Soul of a Man"

Mr. Michael S. Pinner


"What you Never Knew"

Smiles that were contrary to body gesture approval
I witness before my eyes
fore what I thought was right
was wrong
those deceivers I come to despise;
was given game on hustling drugs at age 10
still I refuse to point the finger calling upon
one to blame
but it was evident
if family were conscious
I would become a product of drugs & gangs;
- What you Never Knew -
Was my "Mother" who's ever so beautiful
and syrup honey sweet
would be addicted to water
that drug commonly known as P.C.P;
Thus the streets was a friend of her's as well
which at age 12
the ease life I lived
became the reflections of a on Earth Hell;
Ma, took a bullet to the chest
A day im [I'm] unable to forget
that day she physically died
and memories along with her magnetic spirit


I remain to be left with;
- What you Never Knew -
It took over a year for me to shed a tear
suicidal I truly became
thus lost the notion to love
and embraced the streets
violence, drugs, and gangs;
That word "Good"
very estrange
I knew not of what it was
and to turn back the hands of time
would be repeating a pain I wish never had to exist
I leave the past in the past
using my history as strength to uplift;
- What you Never Knew -
Is that I would spend over 15 years in prison
and have to fight for physical freedom alone
educated myself
there then mental liberation gave me a peaceful mind
brought out the man in me to be fully known;
I tell you right now today
of entities thats been locked in a box


and I give you more truth as time goes on
and will never stop:
"What you Never Knew"

Mr. Michael S. Pinner

P.S. Be looking for commentary notes, more, poetry, prose, and aware-ness of the soul of a man...

- Positive Energy Always Create Elevation -


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