June 29, 2016

The High Cost Of Incarcerating The Elderly...

by Timothy J. Muise (author's profile)

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Paul Posted 4 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 1 month ago   Favorite
The persons to contact for any further information are the authors of this treatise.

Norfolk Lifers Group
P.O. Box 43
MA 02056

ZuzusPetals Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
Paul Ryan is bringing 5 new criminal justice reform bills, taking apart our mandatory minimums, parole protocols, & peripheral commissary providers.

You know what irks me the most?
The idea that 34 million people are NOTNOTNOT gonna wake up tomorrow, realize how wrong they were realize that Paul is right – that there are no prisoners worth anything once they disappear behind bars.

Paul – this is specifically for you – it doesn't matter what the fuck you say to anybody for any reason - if your PP gets hard because you can write this crap – excellent, that way we know you're engaged in something of a time suck, leaving you ineffective out in the real world.
How many petitions have you started? How many fundraisers have you begun in an attempt to keep prisoners inside the bars? How many parole hearings have you showed up in an effort to make sure the inmate never leaves? Probably dick on all of them. there's a reason for that – because you're a big fucking idiot pussy.
An armchair warrior.

Clue: we're not going to wake up tomorrow and say the exact opposite of what we've been saying. You are not ever going to convince 34 million people that they're wrong about how they feel about their loved ones. Most parents of prisoners are in their late 50s and they are screwed when it comes to retirement and anything else for that matter. Do you think we're going to suddenly forget that fact ?you're high on drugs Bubba.
It's one thing to marginalize and collect up all the black bodies that you can find and enslave them, but once you start biting into the white middle class for supplying ur prisons wi bodies - white bodies- we fight back – we get pissy, and we don't give up. The government and the prison system are fucking with the wrong people.
Furthermore, there's a toll that prison takes on not only the prisoner but his family as well – do you want to hear how that all plays out?
Try this on for size. Since my son went to prison, I've had to take an easier job, because I'm emotionally overwhelmed. So I basically accepted a pay cut of 50%.
Within six months of making that change, I found myself qualifying for food stamps. So here's the deal I work part time. What the government doesn't know about, I don't tell them about. I clean houses for $15 an hour. I'm not telling the government about that – they can go fuck themselves for what they did to me and my son. They don't deserve anything . So the extra cash that the food stamps replaces goes to my sons commissary account in excess of what I already send him.
The state and the federal government will feed my son whether or not they want to. And this is a way to make sure that they do. I don't care what hurts – you fucking hurt me – I fucking hurt you back. I do not Cotton well to having scraped and scratched together $75,000 to raise my son into a normal human being only to find that money is in the wind and him behind bars for 15 to life. That wasn't supposed to happen and I am the

Timothy J. Muise Posted 4 years ago.   Favorite
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Timothy J. Muise Posted 4 years ago.   Favorite
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admin Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
A reminder to everyone in this conversation that we don't allow personal attacks. Please try to keep your remarks civil, and comment on the ideas presented by others rather than attacking the people presenting those ideas.

Future comments from anyone on this thread that attack individuals rather than ideas or actions will be removed.

ZuzusPetals Posted 4 years ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years ago   Favorite
Good then perhaps you can censor Paul's insults. The rules are for. EVERYONE, right? Seems to me Paul's the one attacking - Relentlessly- you've done nothing to siphon his vile away from this blog.... Seems to me you're picking & choosing who gets to be mouthy & insulting.

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