June 18, 2017

Sharia Law - A Pernicious Evil

by Harlan Richards (author's profile)


June 12, 2016

Sharia Law: A Pernicious Evil

For those of your who don't know, Sharia Law is the reason ISIS and the Taliban have conducted a reign of terror over every populace they have controlled.

Sharia Law treats women as property—first as the possession of their father or brother. He has the right to give her to whomever he pleases as wife—she has no choice in the matter. It is also why males and females are forbidden to intermingle, why women are not allowed un-escorted out in public, why women must completely cover themselves, and why young girls are subjugated to genital mutilation. It is also the reason why ISIS beheads non-Muslims and will cut off the head of anyone who steals. In other words, Sharia La is responsible for everything that is wrong with Islam.

Over the weekend, I was amused to see American patriots, Trump supporters, and other right-wing citizens demonstrating against Sharia Law while leftists and liberals demonstrated on behalf of Sharia Law. I saw many women speaking out in favor of Islam who would not have been allowed out in public to speak about anything if we had Sharia Law in this country.

Jeez, how dumb can people be? The liberals claimed that the demonstration against Sharia Law was a veiled attack on Islam which is why they held counter-demonstrations. All I can say is: if Islam stands for Sharia Law, then there should be demonstrations against it.

Sharia Law should be regarded as an international crime against people. It should rank right up there with genocide, human trafficking, and torture. When an entire male-dominated society holds its women in virtual slavery, it's time to speak out. For those who are sincere Muslims and do not embrace Sharia Law, it is a religious freedom issue. For those who oppose honor killings, throwing acid in women's faces, mutilating young girls' genitalia, forced marriages of child brides, and a host of other atrocities against women, it is a human rights issue. They should be treated as criminals.


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