Feb. 22, 2012


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I got your long note explaining things for me. I am very glad you are helping me and the other bloggers. Blogging is a lealrning experience for me. My hope is to shed light on issues most people don't think about or to provide insight on issues which may help persuade people to become involved in the po0litical process. Apathy and disinterest is what allows injustices to occur and go unredtified. Perhaps my small contribution can make a difference.

it is easy for me to stay focussed on the outside because I spent 9 years in minimum security as you'll probably read when you get to that particular entry. I have bveen expecting to get released every year since 2002 but it always seem like something political comes up to preventit. Frustrating.

But no matter what happens I must do my best to stay positive, focused and determined. Only in that way will I have a chance for release on parole.

The way you make your living interests me. I am a skilled paralegal and have a degree in marketing. One of my plans to implement upon release is to start a paralegal firm via the internet where I subcontract with paralegals to work for me and them arrange piecework for them through attorneys who do not have the resources to employ full-time paralegals.

I also hope to use my marketing skills in a web-based company of some kind. Details are sketchy at this point because I don't have enough knowledge or experience with web sites and the internet to plan my future activities with more specificity.

iy seems to me tha there isplenty of opprtunity to do good for others while making enough money to live on without having to punch a clock at a conventional job. I have numerous other business ideas that I hope to implement after I get the paralegal service generating a cask flow. I guess I need to stay open ans flexible because reality may not be as I envision it and I may have to adjust my expectations and/or actions.

also, regarding your other note on the court documents. I agree they should stay as PDF files. I'll be filing various "exhibts" with my posts and in order for them to remian as "evidence" they'll have to be in their original form.

Thanks for your help.



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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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