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sherese Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
your dream sounds deep, but here's what i think it means. i think the canyon of rock and concrete represents prison and the straight path and circling of the trucks represents the situations you've been through. i think you started out on a straight path, but now you're going in circles, either because of obstacles put in your way or actions you've made. in your dream, you're about to fall into the canyon but you don't. i think that means you're about to fall into the canyon. in this case, the canyon is prison, and you're either about to fall or are falling into the hands of the prison. either way, maybe you've crossed some boundaries, and that might be your "fall." i understand what you're trying to do, but there are boundaries.


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denise Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
You have been in my heart and thoughts everyday and I am sorry I haven't been able to be more supportive. I tried praying because I heard that it works 25% of the time. I glad that you enjoy reading and that you are able to do so. So many people allow their mind to die, becoming mere zombies. So many people are in bars of their own making and they are worst off they you. I guess that is the real tragedy. One young man came out of prison but couldn't undo his own bars, immediately he was returned to the prison he had left. I realize to be truly free you have to learn to be free within man-made bars. Then you will always be free. I congratulate you on your very special ability - savor it. It is rare.

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axel Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
I hope you have been able to use the info I left last time. Bright Blessings, Axel

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sara Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
SO MUCH RESPECT for a woman who can stand up even though everyone around her is trying to strip her of her identity

wow, you MUST be fabulous!

being forced to be in a mens prison as a woman is something ive never thought of as a trans ally, how do you keep your head above water?

i dont think you should put quotes around the feminine pronouns you identify by! telling a transwoman that she is not a woman is just like tellling a little girl that she cant be anything she wants to be.

you are AMAZING

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sara Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
people shouldnt ever be judged by mistakes they've made in the past!

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sara Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
staying positive in an enviroment such as yours seems like a full time job on its own!

its inspiring to read about you keeping your head up, and makes me realize that i should look for good things in life as well

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captainron Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
I just love a good shout out! Looks like you get on once per week. I'll make a better effort to get on here and keep in touch. When I first learned of the incarceration, I thought to myself "Crap. Why didn't I take advantage of all the other times I could have just picked up the phone or sent you an email. Now, who knows when we can chat?" It's great you have this medium.

Well, I'll be at summer camp with the scouts in Bear Lake during your birthday, so I hope you have a Ziggy on me and good memories to boot. Just think, any second my mom will come up to the front gates and start honking for you to get a ride home from the mall. Doh! Well, it's more of a surrendering "Doh." You know she's going to do it and there's nothing you can do to stop it. Ha.

I was going through my old stuff in the garage last Saturday and I found several things from you: a Kansas Jayhawks keychain, the Donn Ho Maui necklace/dogtag/bottle opener, NY Yankees hat. Ah, the memories. Say, they do taste like chicken.

Remember, wherever you are, be there.

Donn Ho
Captain Ron

Oh and the preferred nomenclature is Zencarnation.

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captainron Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Or, you could use the Arnold Schwarzenegger, "Ja, do it NOW!" There is truly no time like the present, which continuously transforms itself into the past.

Donn Ho

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loretta Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Hi Bobby Mom sends her love everything here is good...hoping to see u tuesday august 2nd after work..keep up all the good work..and keep GOD by your side...

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krollinger Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
John I have the chills just reading what you have written and I think the crosses you made are absolutely amazing. I think it is horrible that they would take these things away from you! They are not hurting anyone, if anything they are making you less hurtful in the prison.

Love always, Keri LaBate Rollinger

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