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axel Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Dearest Precious, Of course I read your blogs. All of them. Sometimes you're telling MY story. And you know Pimpin D personally. I have J-Mailed him your greetings. We have lots more in common than you realise. I am working on the address thing, you know deep down inside he is a big old softy. Don't stop writing your blogs. They are beautiful. I sit here with tears running down my cheeks - and I yell out loud to you "SISTER!" You will meet THE ONE. Don't stop believing that.

Holla at Chyna from me. I'm so glad you have each other.

Love, light and faerie hugs. Axel

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JohnsonJH Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Sgt Linley,

Not sure if you remember Cpl Johnson from the old 2/8 days. You are remembered (by me) as a fine Marine who exampled the highest level of integrity and professionalism. I did not serve with you long but your leadership made a lasting impact. I will pray for you and your family. May inspiration be extended to you as you have freely inspired others.

Semper Fidelis,

James H. Johnson Jr.
Master Sergeant Ret., USMC

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lightfromabove Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
This is greatly fascinating! Thank you for posting and good luck to you.

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lightfromabove Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
keep up the great work! I enjoy your views.

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CplSmith Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Sgt Linley

This is Eric Quintero funny that I should follow John's log. Like he mentioned in his log we were best friends while we were togeather in 2/8. I was a skinny mexican/filipino LCpl that by my own admission was pretty average. You may not know it but I really admired you while we were in 2/8 togeather. You were a sharp contrast in leadership compared to MacDougall and Frampton. From you I learned that leadership should come from inspiration, not intimidation. You remained in control and inspired us to follow you through your professionalisim and techinacal proficency. No one wants to follow someone who is a bully, or stupid. You were neither. My memories of you were that of competency and compassion. I remember one particular situation that you handled that stays with me to this day, maybe you will remember. Location: Rifle Range Stone Bay. It was rifle qualification time for comm plt and we (approximately 20 of us, of which you were the senior Marine) found ourselves at the target shed attempting to get targets for the next day. There was a Cpl that was in charge of the target shed and he was a lazy piece of s!@#! He would not give you what was required for the following days shoot, he was belligerent, and quite honestly insubordinate. You could have easily just asserted your rank over him and made that situation a non-issue, instead I recall you pulling that Cpl aside and in a private setting resolved the issue allowing that Cpl who really didn't deserve it to keep his dignity in tact. Realizing that he was an NCO and all of your Marines were LCpl or below you allowed him to correct himself and maintain his status. In the end everyone won. It took extra effort on your part and really flew in the face of conventional Marine wisdom but it worked. When I thought about it afterward I thought about all the inter-personal skills that it took to do that, and I was impressed. I wanted to be able to have that kind of infulence over people. To be able win over someone through intelligence, common sense and compassion. I remember that day well, maybe you do too.

I remember your stories of Beirut. Told not in a fashion to garner favor or applause but of sobriety and mourning. Powerful stories that resonated with me the feelings of man that had been there and remebered what was important about that experience. The loss of his fellow Marines! Sgt Linley I know so much has happened to you in the last couple of decades but please remember the lives you influenced in that short time you were with 2/8. You were definelty one of the few, the proud, you are a Marine!

Stay strong and know that there are many of us out here that are thinking of you and wanting you to succeed above all else! Take care!

LCpl Eric Quintero
Comm Plt 2/8

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CplSmith Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Sgt Linley-

This is Pendley! MacDougal called me "Fang." I did the best Top Frampton impression of anyone in the platoon. Quintero and I were best friends. (In fact we just talked to each other recently for the first time in over 20 years!! WOW!!) You and I have swapped some stories while PM'ing crypto gear, burned some boot leather with Fox Company and shared some warm whiskey with Italian Marines in the middle of Turkey. (That was not a night to remember; that was a night to FORGET! HaHaHa!) You taught me that the essence of being the BEST field radio operator was being, among other things, a professional. I still carry a pen with me everywhere I go. (Ask around! Ha!)

If you only knew the chatter you have recently stirred up! On the web, in our daily "reunion" conversations...and in our hearts. We are cheering for you and praying with you, David. Of ALL the leaders I served under in my mere 4 years of honorable service, you stand out among many. You talked the talk and you walked the walk. Many leaders struggle with walking that fine line between being a mentor and a friend. You did not. We always knew we could count on you if we needed an ear or a word of advice. And we also experienced the joy and privilege of "beating our faces" when we didn't toe the line! I know you're just a man, Sergeant Linley. I know you have struggles and faults and thorns in your flesh that you agonize over just like all of us. But you are, in my estimation, a "good" man. And I want you know that you have a brotherhood of (not so young anymore) Marines, who believe in you. And we want to help you and encourage you in any way we can.

You can do this. I am really, VERY sorry that we did not know of your situation until just now. I have thought many times in just the last few weeks how awful these last few years must have been for you. I didn't know!! But by God's grace, we know now. And by that same grace we will help you hump this last stretch...however long or short it may be. I will save some for later...but I wanted to tell you that I have often remembered your leadership. And I am a better person because of it. More later...!!

Blesings, Sergeant Linley!
"This, too...shall pass!"

John Pendley
2/8 Comm 88-90

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CplSmith Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Hello Sgt Linley,

This is Lcpl James. Despite your current situation, it is great to hear that you are ok! Unlike the majority of 2/8 Comm., I stayed in the Corps. I made a lat move to the air wing and worked on Harriers(AV8B) for another eleven years. Go figure huh?! During my travels throughout the Corps, I was lucky enough to see SSgt Vershay (the wire cheif) retire at Cherry Point and SSgt Pegion (Radio SNCOIC) retire from MCAS Yuma. The rest of the group(whoever stayed in) I would only see in my travels around the world. I performed 15 years of Honorable service, being a SSGT is not what its cracked up to be. (That's another story for another e-mail)

I am currently a civilian flight engineer working on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the Army. The Army is the Army, that's all I can say about that. Although I am not wearing the uniform any longer, I have come to the conclusion that the Army is mentally screwed up.(hahahaha!) I don't think that they have any type of honor, courage or commitment to themselves or the Army. I constantly find myself quoteing the discussions you had with me about "TACT" ( James, Tact is being able to tell someone to go to hell and have them look forward to the trip!) and being responsibl for what I say to someone (James, your words are like bullets, once the trigger is pulled, you can't get the round back!) Those are just a couple of the counseling sessions I referred back on when counseling my jr. troops, and passings on my great wisdom to the misguided children of the Army.

You continue to walk in GODs' blessing and be Strong,

"The race is not won by who runs the fastest but who can endure." - Jesus Christ

Sgt Benjamin James (Ret.)

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CplSmith Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
William Linley,

My name is Woodrow Nesbit (you knew me as lcpl Nesbit. You are in my prayers. I knew you as a good Marine. I complimented you to the guys from 2/8 com. I want you to know that you are in my prayers. I am glad that you found peace in Christ. I became a Minister about 12 years ago, and began Pastoring 7 years ago. I will keep you in my prayers. I will write you in the near future. May God keep you.

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CplSmith Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Sgt Linley,

This site allows for users to transcribe the letters so they can be searched via the internet. Some of the guys accidentally put their comments in one of the transcriptions. I'm updating the transcription of your bio and moving those comments here so you'll receive them.

Cpl Smith

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axel Posted 8 years ago.   Favorite
Hey there Precious.
I hear you sister! My heart cries with you. I bring love and best wishes to Chyna, Freak and the crew. Cosmic hugs.

NightOwl Dreamer.

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