April 22, 2019

Wikileaks - The Julian Assange Controversy

by Harlan Richards (author's profile)


April 15, 2019

Wikileaks - the Julian Assange Controversy

Until the 2016 presidential election, I was a Wikileaks supporter. I agreed with their objective of obtaining incriminating government documents and making them available to the public.

Does anyone remember Daniel Ellberg and the Pentagon Papers? Or Deep Throat, and how his revelations exposed the worst criminal we've ever had in the White House, Richard Nixon? These were patriots acting for the good of our country, and I applaud them all.

But Julian Assange crossed the line in 2016 when he took an active part in helping the Russians elect Donald Trump. Had he not posted the hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee right before the election, Trump would not have won. Had he waited until after the election, that would have been fine. But we need to send a clear message that foreign nationals who interfere in our elections must pay a price for that interference. The same way the Russians involved were indicated and will face trial if we can ever get our hands on them, Assange also needs to answer for his actions.

We need whistle blowers. We especially need someone to leak the Mueller Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election. But we don't need someone using hacked materials to swing our presidential election to their preferred candidate.


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Julia Posted 3 weeks, 6 days ago.   Favorite
Hi Harlan Richards,
just a thought on your post, you wrote that the Us don't need foreign nationals to interfere with US elections. This is a list of countries the United States were involved in regime change since cold war, not sure it is complete, wikipedia is the source:
5.1 1950s
5.1.1 1952: Egypt
5.1.2 1943–1970s: Italy
5.1.3 1949: Syria
5.1.4 1953: Iran
5.1.5 1954: Guatemala
5.1.6 1955–1960: Laos
5.1.7 Failed coup plots against Syria
5.1.8 1957–1959: Indonesia
5.1.9 1958: Lebanon
5.1.10 1959: Iraq
5.2 1960s
5.2.1 1960: Democratic Republic of Congo
5.2.2 1960: Laos
5.2.3 1961: Dominican Republic
5.2.4 1961: Bay of Pigs
5.2.5 1960s: Cuba
5.2.6 1961–1964: Brazil
5.2.7 1963: Iraq
5.2.8 1963: Vietnam
5.2.9 1965–66: Dominican Republic
5.2.10 1965–1967: Indonesia
5.2.11 1967: Greece
5.3 1970s
5.3.1 1971: Bolivia
5.3.2 1972–1975: Iraq
5.3.3 1973: Chile
5.3.4 1979–1989: Afghanistan
5.4 1980s
5.4.1 1980-1989: Poland
5.4.2 1980–1992: El Salvador
5.4.3 1982–1989: Nicaragua
5.4.4 1983: Grenada
5.4.5 1989: Panama
6 Post-Cold War
6.1 1990s
6.1.1 1991: Kuwait
6.1.2 1991: Haiti
6.1.3 1991–2003: Iraq
6.1.4 1994–2000: Iraq
6.1.5 1997: Indonesia
6.2 2000s
6.2.1 2000: Yugoslavia
6.2.2 2003: Iraq
6.2.3 2005: Iran
6.2.4 2006–07: Palestinian territories
6.2.5 Post–2005: Syria
6.3 2010s
6.3.1 2011: Libya
6.3.2 2015–present: Yemen

At the same time the United States don't accept that the International Court of Justice would make any trial against a US citizen. To give you a headline of 2018: "John Bolton’s crusade against the International Criminal Court is so hard-lined it threatens a US invasion of Holland". Which price you feel the responsible american citizens should pay for all that interference in foreign countries? Also, nobody forced the DNC to manipulate the election of Hillary Clinton. In all polls, Bernie Sanders did better against Trump than Clinton. For a big part, they were shooting in their own foot.
Warm greetings,

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